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Birth Plan

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Do you have one? Would you mind sharing it? If you created it using an online resource can you share the site?

I wasn't going to make a birth plan, but changed my mind and could use some help!
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Where are you delivering
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I haven't made one either...
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I would absolutely love to share mine with you that I used for my hospital vbac with my son but I can't figure out how to post it as a link. Can someone help me, I'm not very good at this
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PookieMom, is it online, or on your computer? I don't see an upload attachment button, so maybe try c+p it into the post?
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Birth Plan
For PookieMom and PookieDad

We are very pleased to be sharing our birth experience with you. We have worked very hard to make this pregnancy healthy and low risk and to prepare for the birth of our second baby.
We attended a comprehensive birth class; read a number of books about pregnancy, labor, delivery, and child rearing; and have chosen the Hypnobirthing Method for labor and delivery. Together we practiced relaxation techniques for each stage of labor, as well as laboring and pushing positions. As you can see, we did all that is in our power to give our baby a good start in life.
Now, as the pregnancy is approaching its final weeks, we are eager to share with you, our birth team, our hopes for a natural and trouble-free birth of our baby.
We hope for a normal, natural birth, and we feel well prepared and look forward to it. Any help you give us will be most appreciated. Of course, we realize that unusual circumstances may arise. It is for that reason that we chose excellent professionals like you. However, if the course nature takes appears to be within the limits of the ordinary, we do have preferences regarding routine hospital procedures for the mother and the baby. These preferences are expressed in the following Birth Plan, which correspond with the Hypnobirthing Method.

PookieMom and PookieDad

(end page one)

Early Labor:
-To delay artificial induction of labor for 12 hours after the rupture of membranes if mother and baby show no signs of infection
-To consider artificial induction only when there is a medical urgency
-To return to our hotel until labor progresses further if less than 4 cm dilated or if there are no other situations that warrant admission (I will have my blood pressure checked regularly).

Corrective Lenses: I need to wear glasses at all times when conscious, as my vision is so bad that being without corrective lenses is unbearably disorienting.

External Fetal Monitoring: We do not wish to have continuous fetal monitoring unless required by the condition of the baby. We expect that there will be a period of being monitored by the external fetal monitoring upon first arriving at the hospital, and afterwards monitoring will be intermittent as long as everything looks ok.

Free Movement: I wish to be able to move around and change position at will throughout labor. I would like to be allowed to choose the position in which I give birth, including squatting.

Labor Ball/Exercise ball: I would like to have access to a ball during labor.

IV: I would like to have a heparin lock inserted into a vein so that an IV can be started up quickly when needed, but without the IV being connected until it is needed.

Labor Room: I wish to have a quiet room, dim lights, and our own music tapes. I would like to have only my husband and necessary staff present (We ask also that staff honor the need for quiet and refrain from any references to “pain” “hurt” “hard labor” etc.)

Artificial Rupture of Amniotic Membrane: I do not wish to have the amniotic membrane ruptured artificially before the birth unless signs of fetal distress require an internal monitor. I do not want the internal monitor unless the baby has already shown some sign of distress.

Anesthesia and Pitocin: I do not wish to use any anesthesia unless I request it during labor. Please do not offer. I will want local anesthesia for repair of tears or of episiotomy, of course. I do not want routine pitocin to be used; we should be allowed to try position changes and nipple stimulation before pitocin is used.

Episiotomy: I do not wish an episiotomy unless required to avoid an extensive tear. I would prefer a medium-sized tear to an episiotomy, although I imagine that it may be hard to judge how much tearing will occur. I intend to take all possible measures to avoid the need for an episiotomy.

(end page 2)

-to allow natural birthing instincts to facilitate the descent of the baby, as much as possible, with mother-directed bearing down until crowning takes place
-Use of HypnoBirthing breathing techniques, not Lamaze method.
-to birth in an atmosphere of gentle encouragement during the final pushing stage without loud “coaching.” Please--calm, low, tones, free of “Lamaze-type” prompts.
-To assume a birthing position of choice that will least likely require an episiotomy.
-Use of mirror to allow mother to see crowning and birth.

Following Birth:
-I wish to have father announce the sex of the baby to me
-immediate skin-to-skin contact, with baby placed on my stomach
-Father to remain with me in the event of a C-section
-Father will hold the baby after a C-section delivery and accompany it to the nursery or room and to video tape the bathing, weighing, and measurements for me.
-If there are no complications, I wish to hold the baby immediately after leaving the operating room.
-Cord to be clamped and cut only after pulsation has ceased.
-Baby brought to the breast to assist placenta birth
-No cord traction, manual removal, or use of Pitocin for removal of placenta unless necessary.

For the Baby:
-To have bright lights temporarily removed at moment of birth and until baby is moved to mothers chest
-Baby to remain with me and my husband for ½ hour to 1 hour after birth
-Delay use of Erythromycin or other medication for baby’s eyes to allow optimal sight for bonding. Vitamin K administered orally or shots postponed until after breastfeeding established.
-Circumcision: We do not wish to have circumcision performed in the hospital.
-Breastfeeding: I intend to breastfeed the infant and do not wish to have any bottles given to him/her, including glucose water or pacifiers.

We thank you in advance for your support and kind attention to our choices. We know you join us in looking forward to a beautiful birth and celebration of this new life.

PookieMom and PookieDad

(end page 3)

Okay, I know it is long and should probably be edited but I tried to break it into three parts. Cover letter, Labor, and Birth. Looking back, I wish I would have had my Doctor sign off on everything. My labor was induced so certain things had to change but he did honor the main aspects of my birth plan. Then his shift ended and the new doctor arrived and refused to follow anything except the no episiotomy (I think because she enjoyed watching me tear....sorry, ot) And I would have shortened it quite a bit. And I'm not sure how to word it but if there was a nice way to inform the nurses that your birth plan is not up for discussion, I would do so. I had a nurse tell me every hour or so that my birth plan was stupid and just "wasn't do-able". That would have been really nice to avoid.

I don't know....in my situation, the birth plan was pointless. All it did was get torn apart and ripped on (and I thought it was rather nice and pretty friendly really...). But everyone's situation is different and a birth plan might be beneficial on a personal level, just to get your thoughts down on paper. The idea of having a plan is always comforting. I hope this helps you a bit. Go ahead and copy and paste or use whatever you like and GL to you and have a wonderful VBAC!!!
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Thank you PookieMom!

I wasn't going to make a birth plan, but my midwife said that she and the doctor like to know "what's going on in our heads". I already know my doc's standard procedure to not have continuous fetal monitoring, encourages using the birth ball, shower, etc, but there are few things I'd like to discuss with her (hep lock instead of IV, no pit after birth) and having a list, or birth plan will help.
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