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I'm in!

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I've been lurking here for the last week and half or so cause I knew I was pregnant but out of tests. Well, I took my last one at 8DPO because I bit someone's head off. I've been feeling really nasty and being that I've had two miscarriages this year I pretty much knew. I told my husband that it wasn't in my head yesterday. Today was pay day so off to the store I went. With about my fifth potty of the day I got a fast, clear, dark BFP! Granted I'm about 4.5 weeks along...still it made me feel very good.

So I have a five year old son, four cats, and a dog. I lost a lot of weight and got healthy in the last year or so, so the weight gain freaks me out a bit. I've basically decided I'm going to eat healthy, do whatever activity my midwife allows(do to miscarriages that may be very little she gave running the boot the last time), and not for any reason look at the scale. Not until six weeks PP actually is my goal.

My due date is June 16th. My husband and I are both Geminis as well (June 2nd and 4th). Should be interesting.
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Welcome. :
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Congratulations and Welcome! :
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Welcome and congratulations!!!
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Congratulations and welcome.

Try not to stress so much about the weight. In 9 months you'll have a wonderful little human being. You will love the baby and the baby will love you just as much if you weigh 130 or 230 pounds. You don't have to look like a move star. Just be healthy.
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congrats and welcome!
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