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Vitamin C vs SA??

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Is giving straight Sodium Ascorbate better than vitamin c in it's regular form?? If so can you give SA to infants? [I] think I read in the archives here one lady who said you can mix the SA powder with breastmilk and give it to infants in a dropper. Was wondering if anybody here knows much about SA. I know lots of people say to mega dose with SA for pertussus, but that it has to be SA and not plain old Vit C. was wondering why that is?? Isn't SA just buffered Vitamin C?? I would like to be giving my son who is sick with a cold extra C for immune boosting purposes but am not sure if I should get striaght SA or just go out and get some baby Vit C drops. Also how much to give??Also there are other Vitamin C mineral salts so why is the sodium ascorbate the best one instead of potassium or calcium or any of the others??
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SA and Vit C are the same exact thing chemically. Their bioavailability are the same. There is also Calcium Ascorbate, Magnesium Ascorbate, Zinc Ascorbate, Potassium Ascorbate.

Here is a link. http://lpi.oregonstate.edu/ss01/bioavailability.html

I did a lot of research into Vit C after I was accused of shaking my daughter who was damaged by vaccines. Dr. C.A.B. Clemetson and Dr. Archie Kalekirinos were proponents of administering large to exteremly large doses of Vit C pre and post vaccination. Linus Pauling (sp?) and Hess also wrote alot about it.
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I have done a bit of reading from what i understand SA is coupled with mineral salts (sodium) and so it is buffered so may be gentler on the GI system. Asorbic Acid is the form of C in many supplement and what I think i have been taking and what is in my baby's multi vitamin drops and this is not buffered. Other than this difference is there any? Is SA better for another reason?
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I've read that our bodies need sodium to use the vitamin C and SA has the perfect amount of sodium in it for our bodies to use the Vit C.

Kinda how more Vit D equals better calcium absorption..

I dont know where I read it, I was googling SA.
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Ascorbic acid (the chemical name for vitamin C) is chemically unstable. It starts to break down after exposure to air, moisture and white light. Sodium Ascorbate, a sodium salt of Ascorbic Acid, is much safer and hence more bioavailable.
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