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Who's Still Nursing??

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I am still nursing my almost 6 month old, he doesn't eat much real food yet and I don't know how much longer I can keep this up!! Who else is still nursing? How old is your nursling? Do you plan on tandem nursing?
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i'm still nursing. dd will be 18 months on the 24th. i plan to nurse through pregnancy and on tandem nursing as well. right now nursing will make my skin crawl a little for the first few seconds, as my nipples are sooo sensitive. also, dd is nursing again like she's 3 months old, b/c i think my milk supply is dropping. apparently the uppage in nursing isn't going to up my milk supply during pg., but dd doesn't know that. i just hope she figures it out soon. i do not offer and do not refuse, but sometimes it takes all my control to keep from telling her 'no'. she keeps switching sides every 2 minutes and will go play for ten minutes, then come back and nurse for 20. it's a bit maddening right now, but i know it's just a phase.
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I am not nursing now (my oldest is almost 9). But when I got pg with #2, #1 was only 14 months. I continued to nurse for about 6 months. She weened herself when the milk either went away or changed. I actually found it relaxing at first, because I could lay in bed and read a book and nurse when I was exhausted and have morning sickness all day.

I think that if it is draining you, maybe you could start being slightly more aggressive in introducing solids.
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I am trying to get him to eat real food.. it seems to insult him though. I am SO done nursing but he won't take a bottle so there seems to be nothing I can about it. People keep saying he will wean himself but they seem to forget that he isn't even 6 months yet so weaning would NOT be good right now!! I am working on him taking a bottle.. or solids... or SOMETHING!! Any tips?
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DD is 20 months and still nursing. We night weaned (mostly) at 18 months - enabling my cycle to straighten itself out. I'd love to tandem nurse but at the moment I think tandem nursing would be too demanding on me. So the current plan is to start distracting her more often and we'll discuss again on her 2nd birthday (Feb) about stepping up weaning efforts.

Right now I'm experiencing some cramping when nursing....
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Originally Posted by anicholsonmartin View Post
DD is 20 months and still nursing. We night weaned (mostly) at 18 months - enabling my cycle to straighten itself out. I'd love to tandem nurse but at the moment I think tandem nursing would be too demanding on me. So the current plan is to start distracting her more often and we'll discuss again on her 2nd birthday (Feb) about stepping up weaning efforts.

Right now I'm experiencing some cramping when nursing....
I have been having a little cramping when nursing... usually on days I haven't been drinking enough water!! I am trying to drink/eat enough but it is very hard!! I wish Trevor would night wean... he still nurses every 1-3 hours round the clock *headdesk*
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I am all for child-led weaning, but I fully realize that we may need to initiate night weaning during pregnancy if I don't get enough rest. I am not a nice mama when I am tired!

I am still nursing 29 month-old DD, who nurses every three hours or so. I have to eat A LOT (3,000 to 4,000 calories per day) suddenly, but I love being able to rest every time she nurses. Of course, the nipple twiddling may have to go soon! Either she has suddenly started climbing all over me, or else it has only recently started bothering me. I am having trouble being a nice Mama all the time.

ETA: Yes, I plan/hope to tandem nurse. DD is SO excited about the baby and has big plans to share all of her toys and hold hands with baby while getting "milkies". Hopefully she will be as thrilled when baby actually arrives.
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I am nursing my 26 month old little boy. We nurse early morning around 5, down for nap and bed. Sometimes he asks a time or two other than those. This is really manageable for us and I don't plan on trying to wean him before the baby is born. If he weans, that would be fine but I wouldn't mind tandem nursing.
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I am still nursing my 24 month old and my plan for now is to keep going and play it by ear. She is definitely wanting there to be more milk than there is, so I am trying to give her more attention and offer food more frequently to try to get the number of nursings down.

My daughter never took a regular bottle, but around 6 months she learned to drink from a straw and how to drink from one of those camelback bottles that has a straw where you bite the top to open it. I don't think she ever actually bit the top, I think her suck is so strong from nursing that it just opens up for her.

Some moms find that reducing the frequency of nursing makes nursing more acceptable to them. If you could get your son to take milk another way a few times a day, would you still be comfortable nursing a few times a day? Breastmilk is of course great for babies, but having a happy mom is really important too, and you have given him a great gift by nursing for so long, especially if you don't enjoy it. I hope you can find a way to make this situation more comfortable for you!
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I know this is hard, and nursing gives some people the willies while they are pregnant. Right now my breasts are so tender, I can't imagine it! Almost everyone experiences a drop in milk supply during pregnancy, though. I am sure that less milk will inspire more solids.

My son would never take a bottle. Luckily, I rarely had to give him one, but if occasionally he stayed with a sitter for a couple of hours, he just waited. I would try a cup or two, he may like that better.:
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My son is 20 months and still nursing. I'm pretty over it, haha. I'm really hoping he decides he's done soon because I don't think I can handle tandem nursing. I feel all panicky just thinking about it.
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My dd is 26 months and still nursing. So far I'm not having any problems like super-sore nipples or cramping, but either one would probably prompt me to cut down on frequency. For now, I like the excuse to lie down, though I have to make sure I don't fall asleep when I'm supposed to be just putting her down for a nap and then returning to do something with my boys

I've never been in your situation with one so young, though, that must be a challenge What about Adventures in Tandem Nursing or a LLL meeting? Was that suggested already?
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We don't have an LLL around here, but when I am home for the holidays (woot! civilization!!) I may go check out a meeting to see what they have to say. I may try getting some of those sippy cups that have the straw and see what he thinks of that... I am just SO freaking tired!!
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ds is nearing 22 months and nurses early morning and down for nap and bed....i dont think he is ready to wean any time soon and i'm not sure i'm ready to wean him
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I'm still nursing. i plan on going to at LEAST 2 years (probably longer if she self weans) so i will be tandeming for at least 10 months.
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My DS is 16 months old, and I'm 7 weeks pregnant with #2. I'm due in early June 09 and the births will be 24 months apart. DS is nursing about 8-10 times/day, and still every 2-3 hours at night. I plan to nurse him as long as he wishes, even if it becomes tandem nursing.

Boy, am I tired! I was this tired during my first pregnancy, but now I have to follow a toddler all over every day. I'm finding myself draped over the couch or on the floor, struggling to keep my eyes open for DS. I don't know how people do this, and the thought of having more than one child to watch is unthinkable. I think this is the early pregnancy fatigue, and not overly exacerbated by nursing.

My heart goes out to you. This is a very difficult situation. I hope you feel better as the second trimester approaches. Two thoughts popped into my head as I read your post:
1) Try a sippy cup.
2) Some babies refuse solids until they are older. My brother didn't eat anything until over 9 months. We found out later that he has a lot of food sensitivities. I think he instinctively knew that. My mom says she is so thankful that she didn't cave in to the doctor who was strongly pressuring her to force him to eat solids by making him hungry.

Gotta go - DS is up from his nap! Good luck!

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Well, I think we may have had a break through... I put him in his exersaucer to eat and he actually ate!! Maybe he just has issues with the high chair? Who knows... if we could get him nursing ever 3-ish hours and sleeping more then an hour or 2 at a time during the night I think I would be ok... I just really need sleep and to NOT have a baby attached to my boob 24/7... I know that makes me sound like a horrible person but I can't help it!
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My dd 22 mo is still nursing, she nurses a lot! Now at night she is waking up, not only looking for the bob, but waking and fussing. I think my milk suppy is going down. I try to give her mroe food closer to bed time to compensate. I don't plan to wean, hopefully I can tandem nurse.
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I'm still nursing my 3 1/2 year old, although not much, once a day. I really don't have too much milk He asked "mama how can you fill up yours boobies again?" I probably will not nurse too much longer. When my second was born I tandem nursed him and his brother for a year, that was challenging. I found my older ones suck had changed and drove me slightly crazy.
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Yes, I'm still nursing my 14 month old. My nipples are hurting, but I'm determined to keep going through the end and tandeming. My son depends on nursing too much, I can't imagine him weaning. I just hope I have enough milk to sustain him through this pregnancy. I did recently get some Reglan for my m/s so I'm hoping that keeps my milk supply up.
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