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Originally Posted by Qalliope View Post
Ok, Here we Go! Pictures of the amazing pirate coat project. I am so proud of this work.
Wow that is a coat and a half! He looks great in it
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Hello, everyone! I've been traveling, but finally have a couple of photos to share (and a lot of catching up to do). I finished the first (ever) dress I mentioned earlier in the thread. It's a simple cotton scoop-neck (no sleeves; knee length), but I'm pretty proud of it.

Photos here:

I also finally bought some corduroy (I already had a decorative fabric for half the project) and covered two floor pillows that were looking pretty ratty. I'm ready to try making a skirt!
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Your dress is a lovely shade of blue! I like the neckline and the width of the shoulders too. I'm not going to be breastfeeding next summer so I should make one! Cool cushions too.

I've bought some Bedford corduroy from an Ebay seller I buy from in weak moments because he sells good fabrics very cheaply. I'm planning on using it to make a smock top for dd1 from Mayfly's Blog, a 5 minute skirt from Angry Chicken's Blog for me and the butterfly party trousers from Ottobre 1/08 for dd2 if I can find my magazine I've got the pattern sheets in my pattern box but the magazine with the seam allowance info and the construction tips has gone AWOL. The search is on!
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Love the pictures so far! Here's a couple of my own:

The Play Tent for ds and dd

The Peg Board for my mom

I need to make some longer drawstrings for the comfy pants I made, but I've been waiting on dh to fix the casters on my cutting table so it'd be easier to drag out. So far no such luck, but I have high hopes for this weekend.

I did head out and try to match some existing fabric to make curtains for my dining room patio door, but didn't have much luck. I've decided to take my mom with me to a locally owned fabric store and if we don't have better luck there I'll likely head to a Hancock Fabrics that's about 40 minutes away. I had planned on putting these curtains off, but then saw that JoAnn's is having a sale on home decor fabrics and most especially the lining fabric I wanted to use for the curtains so I'm guessing I should either get it started sooner rather than later *or* just buy the lining fabric now while it's on sale.

BUT what I'd really like to tackle as my next project is to make some mama cloth. I have a few that I used pre-dd, but I really would like some more. I was going to go out and buy some, but then remembered that I could just as well make my own. I've got some tweaking to do in order to combine 3 patterns into my own, but after that I think I can get started with some of the fabric I already have on hand!
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OK I am still completely in love with that play tent! I've been away a bit.. we are selling our house so everything is packed up... but I just can't take it anymore and went a bought a couple of supplies for a really quick project. Hopefully I'll get some time to do it tonight.. then I'll be back with pictures
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Thanks, jlpumkin. I actually got a pretty big chuckle out of the whole deal recently. We were in one of those pricier boutique-y places and they had one there that was very similar to it which they were selling for over $200!.

The best part was I had a chance to compare the "professional" one with the one I made. All in all they were very similar. The "professional" one had the rod pockets closed at the bottom so I'm definitely thinking that closing the bottom of the rod pockets on mine might solve some of the issues that we've been having. Plus, I figure if I don't like the change I can always use a seam ripper and take it back out. Now all I have to do is find some time to get the poles out and make the change.
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Heres the playtent I made for ds for xmas - it came out huge!

The 'legs' are encased - I sewed each panel together, turned them right side out and then sewed a long casing all the way up big enough for the pole.

I still have to put holes through the poles (they are pvc pipes) and thread a rope or somthing through it.

I used bedsheets from when I was a little kid for the fabric - it took a lot of them, some have fishys, some blue and some white.


I also made a matching nap mat (from the pillow cases)

and quilt
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leighi123 - neat tent!
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sewing without patterns

I am new to sewing and haven't tried anything with a pattern yet. I have made sever sleep sacks for my DD and a skirt for myself. I like this web site for ideas and instructions. I would love to take classes, however I don't want to leave my DD for that amount of time!
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