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Late October thru Mid-November FREAKFEST! (Oct/Nov testers)

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This thread is for anyone who will be testing in November. Plus some stragglers from the Sept/Oct group who haven't either graduated or forked. :

I have carried over all members from the Sept/Oct group who posted there within the last 2 weeks... if you fell off the list, just post in the thread with your new dates and I'll re-add you.

The Philosophy of SPELUNKin'

This is the club for those of you who, although possibly entirely obsessed with BBT's, OPK's, SCUBA, whatever - or none of those things - want to do everything in your power to just chill, get your freak on with your s/o, and conceive a damn bean already!!!

As you all know (hopefully) there is only one way to make a baby (for the most part). Egg meets sperm. Doesn't matter how.

What does not make a baby:
1). Thermometers shoved in your orifices, I don't care what time of day
2). Peeing on little strips of paper
3). Posting on MDC all day

Please feel free to continue doing all 3 of those things, but remember - Get your freak on, ladies!!

Please PM me or post your dates in bold if you want to join.

This Month's Freakfest Graduates!!!
  • Firewoman : 11/11
  • penstamon 11/11
  • ratrodgrl
  • honeybunny65 : 11/7
  • amymckinney : 11/3
  • Freezehead : 10/28
  • KimProbable 10/28
  • koalove
  • eli's mama 10/23
  • LizzyQ 10/20
  • Kalishea : 10/12

: Waiting to Know - November
  • Kateylady 11/5
  • mamafirst 11/9ish?
  • nyte song : 11/??
  • Sijae 11/11
  • anonyma :
  • Vegan Mama 11/17
  • Octobermoon : 11/17
  • sunnykbird :
  • ompath
  • merrysash :

Waiting to O
  • sweetieberlin
  • Olerica :
  • Jasmine12179
  • RavenStar 11/22
  • BeauGeek :
  • whozeyermamma
  • Valid :
  • Rhiannon09 :
  • Binkin :
  • Aufilia :

: Waiting for an Update From...
  • Canadian_Eco_Ma 11/4
  • mayflowers
  • kparker : 11/5
  • Lula's Mom
  • schellie

: Congratulations!
  • GButterfly
  • ErinsJuneBug :
  • Carlin :
  • MonkMonk
  • Shy0717

In Our Thoughts
  • Fantesia28 :
  • MrsTC
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I am going to join here, as I am getting stressed about ttc, and think I just need to relax...

I should be O'ing on Oct. 19 (my birthday!!) so maybe we'll have luck this time!!!! :

Good luck to everyone!!
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I'm so ready to join in here! I've peeked in at these threads a few times while waiting to be ready and they look like fun. We've decided that we're very ready to TTC so I'm waiting to ovulate (should be Oct 17). I'll be testing right around Halloween.
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Next test will be... I'll say Tuesday, 10/14. We'll see if I make it that long.
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I'm an October tester, so Waiting to Know
On 3 dpo, probably will test on 10/20 (12 dpo)
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can i join? unfortunately cycle day 1....after being ten days late for af....
i m a long cycler so i should be due to o the 27th ish? boooooooo
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I'm in. I should O this week.
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I'm still waiting to O...waiting...waiting...*taps foot impatiently*

Good lord.
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Good evening, all! Yay, I'm glad to see so many people in here already! I've made all the updates requested so far, please let me know if I made any typos. My plan is to list everyone only once in order to keep the member/dates list smaller.... but if ya'll object and want O and test dates both, speak up. I am here to please. And if anyone is charting but your chart isn't linked, let me know! I am a hard-core chart-stalker.

BeauGeek -- Awwww I'm so sorry

binkin -- I'm glad to see your temp was back up today. :

mamafirst -- 10 days late...ouch! That's really rough. I hope you have much better luck this month.

sweettieberlin, KimProbable, Olerica, merrysash -- I've got you all in the Waiting to O category...

mayflowers -- And I've got you in waiting to know. Good luck!!

In ME news: My temp plummeted this morning! Don't know what's up with that. I slept badly and had temping & forum related dreams all night. Clearly I need to spend less time on this forum right before bedtime. My imaginary pregnancy symptom of the day is bloaty stomach.
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Well Aunt Flo showed up this morning can I be moved to Waiting to O? Thanks.
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Valid --
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Aufilia- I guess I can be moved to the Congratulations area... I got a BFP this morning!! (actually 2 because I thought I did something wrong)!!

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Binkin, mayflowers - :
Aufilia- looks like the dip isnt lasting, still above coverline!
Valid & mama first-
merrysash, Kim & Olerica- Hope O comes soon!
Kalishea - CONGRATS!!! :
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Can I join in? Not sure what all you need to know.

I'm in the 'Waiting to Know'. on Day 22 of a 26 day cycle, 10DPO
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Hi! Can I join?? I am so bad at charting, but I should have o'd today, and I can test on or around the 25th. So I guess I'm waiting to know.
I'm so glad I finally get to join one of these threads, they are so fun!:
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:::::::::: ::
:::::::::: ::

eli's mom & nyte song... hi and welcome!! I've put you both into the header.

BeauGeek -- Yeah, I'm sure it will fluctuate a bit now either way... today's temp was an hour early... but weirdly enough, I took it an hour later at my normal time and it was exactly the same as it had been an hour early! What's up with that?
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You can add me: I'm 3 DPO today, and my chart is in my sig.

I will be testing around the 25th (my wedding day!) and I'm hopeful, I suppose. We timed it better this month so if he's got 'em, we've got a pretty good chance.
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Thanks for the congrats gals! I tested again this morning and got a BFP and it is STILL not sinking in. I am going to get a digital one that says "pregnant" and maybe that will help (unless it says "not pregnant"). I really don't know what it will take for me to believe. I keep thinking that I POAS wrong or the tests are bad!!
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I should be Oing around the 24th. if you want to update.
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