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Infant Gowns

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Do you like baby nightgowns? Why or why not?

If you used them, at what age did your LO stop wearing them?
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I think they are adorable, especially for little girls.
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They are alright. We used them for maybe the first month?


-seem comfy
-easy diaper changes at night


-Some of the ones we had didn't snap all the way down the front, and as a new mom, I hated having to actually put things over my babies head
-Had to change the baby if we were going out as they can't be used in a car seat
-needed to wear socks with them, and I always lose baby socks

I really just prefered sleepers. In fact, my dd lived in sleepers for nearly the first 6 or so months of life. They were comfortable, and my dd was VERY large, so finding pants that didn't dig into her waist badly was challenging.
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I love them. My kids live in them the first month and I still sleep put them in them at night until much later. I don't put socks on with them, my boys both hate socks and I think they like how their feet and legs can rub together like in the womb. I get ones with loose necks and no snaps or drawstrings. My favorite right now for baby Z are the Gerber Organics. I changed Z three times in the span of 25 minutes this morning. I would have spent forever snapping him up if he was in a sleeper. I have still put my kids in them in the car seat. I just pull it up enough, buckle them and cover with a blanket.
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i loved them too. my ds wore them a lot for the first month or so, then at night til 4 or 5 months or so. and i used them in the carseat too
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I haven't had baby yet so I may end up not liking them once they're in practice, but I like them at least in theory because I'm having a winter baby. I've been given a couple of those one size sleep sacks which just look great for baby getting warmed up. I can layer clothes underneath if I want to, and they seem that they would give baby a feeling of comfort similar to swaddling. I also have a few of the cotton ones...these I see mostly as a convience for overnight changing...baby will be able to keep legs mostly covered for warmth throughout the night and I won't have to bother with snaps or anything when I'm half asleep.

Of course I also have an abundance of sleepers. I see these as a completely different kind of convience...they're great for layering as well, can be worn indoors and out and are more comfy for the constantly sleeping newborn.
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We used them the 1st 6 weeks or so. Great for night time changes as stated. My DH calls the nightgowns "twozies" because it went over the onesie.
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I only had one for DS but wish I'd had more. They were easier than sleepers for diaper changes. If I have any more babies ever, it'll be nightgowns and sleep sacks all the way.
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My DS wore them until he couldn't fit into them. They were awesome for quick diaper changes and worked out great for us. We could use them in the car seat though. They are so lose and long I was able to just bunch it up in the middle and snap the car seat straps. However, didn't use them that much this time around. I had bought a ton of them for DD and then unboxed DS's but only used them a few times. I really don't know why this time was different, I still love them.
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I love them and still use them at night even though they don't cover her feet anymore. When they are little they make diaper changes so easy and now we do EC they work great for that too.
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Love them!...Great for EC!
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We were given two lightweight cotton ones from BabyGap that we are really loving for DS (who is 11 weeks). We use them at night, and started using them about 4 weeks ago when the nights started to get a little cooler (he had been going to bed in just a diaper). They are great(!!) for nighttime diaper changes when you don't want to fuss with complicated clothing. They are also just super cute (we're always reminded of Sweet Pea from the movie "Popeye"). The BabyGap ones are especially good because they are long, soft and stretchy. We have some other ones (Under the Nile and Carter's) that are a little thicker, fabric-wise, but not as long as the babyGap ones. The Carter's one, which he wore the last two nights, is a bit of a pain because it is a lap-shoulder (no snaps) and the fabric is less stretchy...so it's harder to put on and DS gets mad. I don't know when we'll stop using them. I foresee us using them through the winter if they continue to fit.
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LOVE them! We wear them exclusively the first 6-8 weeks and then we wear them at night. they are so soft and look so comfy. we don't have any of the ones with strings or snaps just the pull over the head.
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I am planning to EC from birth so I have tons of gowns (and babylegs) to facilitate nighttime pottying. Snaps and EC don't mix.
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Our ds lived in his gowns for the first 2-3 months. So much easier than trying to put pants on a floppy newborn, changing is a breeze, and they're super cute! And we had our ds in his gown in a carseat, I didn't find it to be a problem at all.
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I love them!!! We used the infant gowns until she grew out of them (and it got too warm, but that was because she was born in April) and now I put her in t-shirt gowns from the EC store and will probably use those for a long time!!! If we're not going anywhere, she may be in a gown all morning, but I change her if we're going out, so the carseat isn't an issue for us.
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I LOVE them!!! My DD wore them for the first six months, or so. Once she started trying to crawl about, I switched her over to a footed one-piece. Gowns are so adorable, make for easy middle-of-the-night dipe changes, and appear to be really comfy for baby.
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Eh, I didn't care for them. They're alright, but unless baby is swaddled they're not very warm for nighttime use. I preferred zippered sleepers.
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I want to love them.... but they alwys seem to "ride up" and get twisted and i don't like wrinkles pressing on my newborn. Last one she wore to bed, the neck ended up around her waist because she wiggled through the neck hole... she's only 6.5lbs, so we'll probably try again in a few weeks. I have most of the main brands.
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Love 'em.

and that's been a huge bummer because my son grew RAPIDLY and I can't find baby gowns that fit him anymore at 5 months.

we had baby gowns with short sleeves, long sleeves, mittens, matching caps. cute, comfy (i think, ), easy to change diapers, easy to just stick a pair of pants on underneath if it gets really cold.

we liked sleepers too, and we can still use them, although it's getting harder to find non-genderized things in his size (2T).
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