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congrats mama!!! Welcome A & M!!!
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Babies are making some nursing efforts when I hold them. I've also held them together now and although brother was very interested in sister, sister looked very worried to be so close. All the staff were making comments like:

'oh no - not him again' - it was too funny

I wrote my birth account up yesterday and then lost it before saving.
Very frustrating!

When I left the unit this morning they were both settled next to each other in a cot, all snuggled up and sleeping. I. Feel. So. BLESSED.
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Claire is in NO MOOD to have Ben worming all over her and that's all he wants to do lately! It's hysterical. I bet they are adorable (HINT HINT)!
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Awww, congrats!
Hope they are home soon!
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No pictures I'm afraid. I don't take them much at all, (and only non-face piccies when I do), but am gazing at babies to have an imprint in my mind

'A' nursed properly today and skipped a tube feed :

'M' is still teeny, tiny and licking drops of milk more than nursing, but we had a comfy cuddle with no desat episodes, so I'm a happy Mummy.

Wow. At this rate I could really have bored you guys silly with updates by the time they are home
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Can I ask why you aren't taking many pics of them? And not of their faces?
I've had two preemies myself, and we took loads, we also lay a pen next to them to take the pic to remember their sizes, you forget so quickly.
I really treasure those photos, and are so glad we have them.
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Originally Posted by Vancouver Mommy View Post
Wow, congratulations. I don't think many hospitals in Canada or the US would do a vag birth for 32 week breech twins. Well done, mama!!
BIG ditto here, too! Congratulations, and I hope they have a short, uneventful hospital stay.
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Congratulations on your little ones! Double breech! Wow!

Glad they are doing okay! I bet they're adorable!! :
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CONGRATS on the healthy arrival of your babies! Mine were also born @32w!

May their stay in the nicu be short, your patience easy to come by, and your time with them sweet. Looking fwd to more updates!
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I've put a couple of pics up here:


We avoid pictures of faces for religious reasons, ( avoiding any animate representations), but I'm generally uncomfortable with having pics of my children up in this day and age when they can be taken off the net and distorted etc...
am a happily paranoid mama!!!

I may well remove the two that are on my blog, but you get a glimpse first ,)
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Awww, what cute "profiles"
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Beautiful babies!
love the wispy hair and tiny fingers--
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