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Free homebirth supplies (in SW Durham)

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I would very much like to hand down a box of unused supplies to an expectant homebirther. I have several chucks pads, a bag of underpads, some of those super fun ginormous maternity maxi-pads, a bag of latex exam gloves and lubricating jelly (all unopened and sterile), and two vinyl envelopes that enclose an entire mattress, probably Queen size.

I'm in SW Durham, not too far from Southpoint, and can leave the box on my porch or meet up somewhere to deliver.

Let me know if you can use these!

Yay for homebirth in the Triangle!!!

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if noone else wants these, i can take them off your hands. i work as a midwife's assistant and would take them to homebirths or offer them to one of our clients. i am near your house, i guess!

BTW, do i know you?
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Okay, they're yours. I'll PM you soon to set up a meeting/playdate!
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