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My baby is here!

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Matteo Keith was born at home this morning (37w5d) at 1:47 am after a ridiculously easy and peaceful labour and birth. He weighed 9lbs 5oz and is 21.5" long.

He was born only 5 hours after my water spontaneously broke, 4 hours after labour started, 1 hour after hard labour started and 10 minutes after I started pushing. It was such an easy birth! I can't believe how simple it was! I sure don't feel like I just gave birth.

Roman (big brother) is so excited and in a great mood. He's already sharing toys with Teo
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Congrats Andrea!! Welcome Teo :
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Congratulations!!! Happy babymoon!!
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i'm so glad to hear that your labor/birth was so easy. maybe there is something to these birth beads!
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I can't believe the babies are coming already!!!!!
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Congratulations! Yay!:
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Ooooh Congrats!!! : I couldn't wait till it started raining babies!!!....and here we are!
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::: congrats!!! welcome little matteo!!!
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Our DDC's first full-term baby : Congrats!!!
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: How wonderful! Congrats mamma! :
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Yea-HOO!!!! So happy to hear about birth!!
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Congrats Andi!
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Congrats! I hope mine goes that easily!
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Thats great news! Congrats!!! :
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I am so jealous!
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Sounds like a fantastic birth! Congrats!
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Wonderful!! Oh the joys of boys Congrats!!
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Congrats! Last night I just had a feeling he'd be born today!! I am so thrilled to hear Roman is liking big brotherhood!!!
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