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Awesome! Hope mine goes that easily! We have the same due date, too, so maybe I'll have mine early!
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: Amazing! We should all be so lucky!
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CONGRATULATIONS!!! : I am so glad his birth was so easy for you.
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Holy moly! And the flood of babies begins! Lol. Congrats! So glad to hear it was such a beautiful, easy birth!
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congrats! : I can't wipe the grin off my face! What a big boy for 37w5d! And a very inspiring birth story indeed!
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Congrats!!! I'm so happy for your short labor, that's awesome!
Welcome Teo!
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Congratulations! That's so exciting!
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Oh, so many congrats! Glad you are feeling so well!
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Big CONGRATULATIONS!!! : What a wonderful birth!! And wow, he's big for being 2+ weeks early!!
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yay! happy baby blessing to you mama! was your first child born before the edd too? i keep praying my baby will be born around 37 weeks but my first was born 11 days over edd so my midwives said not to get my hopes up. anyways, congratulations many times over.
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Wow! What a big day for birth announcements! Please send over some of that easy labor dust my way. I'm also curious if your DS came "early" as well?
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Congrats on your healthy baby and birth!

I also can't believe that the babies have started arriving.
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Happy Birthday Teo!!!!

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Wow!! Congratulations and welcome baby!
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Congrats mama!!!! Welcome Matteo!!:::
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Congrats! What a big boy for 37 weeks!
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