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Mildew on Wooden Drying Rack??

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Does anyone have any suggestions for getting rid of mildew on a wooden drying rack?? We don't use a dryer so the rack almost always has clothes on it. I tried sitting it out in the sun during the summer. That seemed to lighten the mildew but not eliminate it. Now that the rack is inside for the winter the mildew is darker than ever. I thought of using bleach; however, I was afraid it would bleed onto the clothes. Also I would rather avoid using something as harsh as bleach if possible. Does anyone have any ideas??

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i wouldn't use bleach for the same reason you are concerned.

would sanding it then sealing it with beeswax or oil mess it up? i guess once the oil is absorbed fully and dried it wouldn't be a problem. but i really don't know.

let me know if you find a solution. i too use a wooden clothes rack and it has some light mildew on it.
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I had some mildew on an Ikea wooden highchair. We eat outside and it just got yucky!

So in a spray bottle, I mixed water, dishsoap, and about 8-10 drops of TTO. The took out my cleaning toothbrush and some rags and scrubbed it down. It's gone and hasn't come back. I think you could probably seal it too after doing this to keep it off.
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Thank you for the ideas - I think I will try the tto and soap idea to see if that removes it and then maybe seal it.
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Ooooh, TTO good idea!!!! I am going to try that one.
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I just went through a very expensive mold remediation on my house due to toxic mold. To kill any mold Borax is a natural mold fungicide. 1 cup borax to 1 gallon water...add some tea tree oil because there have been lots of studies done that in kills mold on contact. Bleach really only gets the mildew color out. You will probably still see the staining though. If it were me, I would borax it and then spray some kind of sealer over it. I have done lots of research in the past few months. Good luck.
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