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Info on Sheryl Puderbaugh

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Hi my name is Molly I'm a mother of 2 with one on the way edd12/25 and I was wondering if anyone could share their experiences with me regarding Sheryl Puderbaugh at the Heart and Hands Clinic? I've had a consultation with her and hubby and I haven't decided what we are going to do?? We live just north of Ankeny and I know she lives quite a ways a way. I really want a homebith and she is the only hb midwife that insurance will cover and the only one we would be able to afford. So if anyone has anything at all good and bad please let me know!!! Thanks
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Cheryl at Heart and Hands

I've heard good things about her, but don't know her personally.

Have you checked out Cosette Boone? She delivered my DS and it was great.
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Check out that thread, looks like a lot of private messages were sent, but it would give you a little info.
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