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non-vax friendly pediatrician

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Does anyone know of a non-vax friendly pediatricain in the Des Moines/Ames, IA area?? Or anywhere close for that matter??
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Dr. Schutte

Dr. Sara Schutte in Ankeny is known to be accepting of parents' decisions regarding vaccines. We do not vaccinate and haven't had any issues. For us, she was very understanding and talked about herd immunity since our son wasn't in daycare. I appreciate her openmindedness. She is very friendly and makes an effort of involving the kids, no matter what age they are.

I would warn you against seeing the other ped in the office, Dr. Rivers. She is not exactly open minded when it comes to alternative approaches to healthcare. AND-she isn't very pro-breastfeeding. She would "forget" each time we saw her that my son was breastfeeding and make remarks about formula in one way or another. And I mentioned we were having problems with breastfeeding and she didn't try to encourage it too much at all, just said it isn't for everyone. It just kind of bugged me.
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