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Job market in the Raleigh area?

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Is anyone able to give me a general idea on the job market in the Raleigh area? DH and I are considering moving there next spring/summer and we are looking for general info. The market where we are stinks and we've heard that Raleigh is still a decent job market depending on what you do for a living. DH is looking to get back into golf so his market is very limited and not something most people have insight into, but I do accounting/finance work so I am a lot more open. I know a lot can change between now and then, but any input would be appreciated.
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Pinehurst is more golfy than Raleigh. Some great courses there. I don't know anything about Raleigh as far as jobs though.

We just came from NC in case you're wondering about my sig
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It's hard to say really, but we've had better job markets than the rest of the country for a long time. However, our unemployment is currently higher than the national average. Some think it is because a lot of people move here with no job because they hear it is a good job market.

There were some really big corporate layoffs that made headlines last week: Glaxo laying off around a thousand and Sony Ericsson laying off over 400. But I don't know how that affects your or your DH's job opportunities directly.

It's definitely a better idea to have a job before you come, but I know that is not always possible.
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Thanks. Where we move would really depends on DHs job since his is a lot more specialized than mine. He would have a job before we moved, but I might now. Job listings for his job will start to appear soon so we're looking around now. We're considering Raleigh partly to be closer to family and partly b/c I really like it there. We just know that we need to get out of where we are and are weighing our options.
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