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It's Sunday, what are your goals?

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We're not going to church- one of the kiddos has a fever- so I'm going to be productive around the house instead. If you're going to clean/organize/declutter today, what are your goals?


Make a quick pass through in the kitchen- drawers, cabinets, etc. and purge anything that hasn't been used lately. Also the basket with the kids artwork, school papers, etc.

Vacuum and mop downstairs

Unload clean dishes, re-load dishwasher

Pay 8yo DD to clean all the baseboards in the house
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We kicked butt this weekend!

*weeded the front garden
*swept the front walk and porch
*cleaned the back patio and picked up all the outdoor toys/gardening tools
*swept mopped the kitchen floor
*cleaned and swept all the upstairs rooms (and our bedroom looked like a post-nuclear wasteland, so that was quite a job)
*dusted all the bookshelves
*vacuumed the main level and the playroom
*did all the dishes
*set up a sand table for dd
*cleaned and organized my home office
*cleaned the range
*did three loads of laundry

Honestly, I don't think we've ever gotten so much done in a single weekend!

I'd still like to:
*clean the bathroom
*do one more load of laundry
*clean off the top of our curio cabinet (it's become a dumping ground)
*sort through one last pile of papers in the office
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we have a birthday party to go to, but ...

*wash all dirty clothes
*put away all clean clothes
*check the upcoming consignment sales in my area to see if anyone is taking maternity
*pick a time for dropping off my childrens' clothes in the next consignment sale
* throw out 5 items today for Goodwill
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My Goals:

* Finish the laundry
* Clean windows
* vaccume the entire house
* Change bedsheets
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Oh, thanks for the reminder- I need to change sheets, too! All 4 beds worth, LOL!
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I feel great! I got up this morning and felt like cleaning! My goals were really only to finish decorating for halloween, but I found out dd spilled iced tea behind the coffee table and didn't tell anyone so I wound up moving all the furniture and vacuuming and mopping the entire living room! I still want to clean off the dining room table and organize all the crayons and markers and such! So I guess these are my goals for the rest of today!
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Eh. We didn't do anything today....except lots of running around. And dh took the little kids on a bike ride. I sat on the computer while they were gone.

I did make a nice oatmeal and apples dinner and cleaned up from it, mostly. There is just something about oatmeal dishes that makes me not want to wash them!

Straightened up downstairs, swept and mopped real quick. Actually, dh did the kitchen and I did the living room.

This week I want to work on our bedroom. It has a couple bins in there that I wanted to go through of pictures/memorabilia stuff - I'm not thrilled with the idea of putting them down the basement, but I don't have time to do it right now, so they sit in my room. Because they are there, people take that as permission to dump other stuff.

Oh, and speaking of a dumping ground...the landing at the bottom of the steps is chock full of crap that needs relocating. I should do that tomorrow.

Otherwise, I'm caught up on laundry and every other room in the house is pretty much picked up.
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