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My wife and I are expecting our first child in 3-4 weeks and I've undertaken the task of finding a pediatrician or family practice doctor for our little one. Due to insurance restrictions, we have to find a doctor in the Park Nicollet system of clinics and hospitals. We live in the west Twin Cities metro but are able to drive (25 miles or so?) to a farther clinic if necessary.

A few things about the kind of doctor we're looking for:
  • We've decided not to vaccinate and would like a doctor that will support (or at the very least, not admonish us for) that decision.
  • We're having a home birth and would like a doctor that won't frown on the choice.
  • We've been very interested in attachment parenting and would prefer a doctor who would be friendly to the idea (although this wouldn't be a deal breaker).

The only Park Nicollet docs I've seen mentioned on these forums have been Anne Edwards and Mary Bloomberg. Are there any further opinions of these two? And of course, we're open to any others people might suggest.

Any help that could be offered would be great. The task of finding the right doctor is a little nerve-wracking.