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Tired of clothes not fitting

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At this point, I have one pair of jeans and one pair of dress pants that fit, and a handful of shirts. And, even with the shirts that "fit", you can still kinda see the stretchy elastic top of my pants. I absolutely refuse to buy more clothes with only a little over 2 weeks left until my c/s. Who's with me? (And, why do they not make maternity clothes to fit better...buy your pre-pregnancy size...yeah right.)
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: They lie to you... "buy your pre-preg size MY A$&!" I had to buy new clothes weeks ago...now I'm 37 weeks and it's completely pointless to buy any more, but there are no top and bottom combos that are long enough, unless I wear the Motherhood secret fit belly pants, and then you see a LOT of the elastic. THIS SUCKS!
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"buy your pre-preg size MY A$&!"


If only my A$& would fit into my pre-pregnant size!!!
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Right there with you! That "pre-pregnancy size" line is such a terrible joke. I'm also incredibly bitter that the maternity shirts are not long enough to cover my belly anymore. Believe me... NO ONE wants to see my belly hanging out.

I've officially joined the "elastic waistband club" and only when I have to leave the house. I told DH to get used to seeing me without bottoms because it's not worth buy more stuff.

It's jersey shorts, oversized boxers, and comfort from here on out.

Of course... I did have the stomach flu this weekend...so my maternity stuff kinda fits better since I lost so much fluid () and couldn't eat for almost a whole day. I don't recommend that method though, not fun.
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I can't seem to find any pants that will stay up other than my trusty thrift store yoga pants. Unfortunately they are light pink and you can see my underwear through them, so I can't really wear them in public.
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yeah, im tired of it too. i bought a pair of jeans a week and a half ago, to round out my pants selection to 2. im wearing maternity tanks under shirts to cover a bit more. all in all im not *too* frustrated, at least not as bad as last pg.
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I get told constantly that I am small for how far along I am, that people can barely tell I'm pregnant... and yet, shirts that are a size BIGGER than my pre-pregnancy size are getting too short.

I've decided that maternity clothes fit for about 6 weeks out of a 40 week pregnancy.
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Originally Posted by Patchfire View Post
I've decided that maternity clothes fit for about 6 weeks out of a 40 week pregnancy.
Pretty much! They look good for about 6 weeks, starting around 20 weeks. Before that they're too big in some areas. By 27 weeks you have nothing left to wear and have to buy all new stuff, "pre-preg" size + 1, and by 33 weeks you are at the Wal-Mart looking for the largest, cheapest sweatpants you can find. By 37 weeks you have given up on trying to assemble an outfit that covers you belly AND has a crotch area that is not down near your knees. If you're lucky you loved huge hippie skirts with drawstrings before you got knocked up, so you can still wear those. Until your hips get so wide that you can't fit them over your hips...: agh it's been a bad day and I'm grouchy.
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:But it's oh so true. I am down to one skirt, a chocolate corduroy tiered skirt I bought for $8 on sale at Motherhood wheile I was pg with DS. I have 3 tank tops that are long enough, unfortunately only one works with the shade of brown of the skirt. This baby better get here before I have to wear long pants : or I'm screwed. Cause I am not wasting money on another pair of jeans.
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I'm in the same boat. Nothing fits but my three largest broom skirts... and two t-shirts! Just two. And niether really go with either skirt. I'm sick sick sick of pulling down the front of my shirt all the time so the bottom of my belly doesn't poke out! :
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At least I'm not the only one. I don't get it--if we're all having this problem why don't they make shirts long enough to cover our bellies?! Plus now it's cooler, but I don't want to buy a bunch of clothes for one month when we don't have any money to begin with. Basically, anytime I leave the house in the cool weather, I am wearing the one pair of black yoga pants that fit, the one black cardigan I have that fits, and one of two short-sleeved shirts that fit underneath. I have to do laundry all the time. I feel like Laura Ingalls Wilder with my one "Sunday Best" outfit (which is yoga pants...) that I have to wash every time I want to go out in public.
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Oh my god, I'm so glad I'm not the only one too fat to fit into my maternity clothes! It is RIDICULOUS that I bought all those clothes, and can't wear anything anymore except for 1 pair of pants and my husband's t-shirts! Seriously! I'm still at work so I have to look semi-decent, so I wear the same 2 stretchy skirts and 2 long t-shirts over and over
I'm just glad it's not just me - and soon enough we'll be back in our own clothes :
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I'm down to about two outfits. Plus, I had to buy new shoes. My feet grew a size and a half overnight.
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my biggest problem is keeping up with the laundry. I do actually have a few outfits that fit, well that I can get on, a few are huge, I don't like tight clothes much, but that is because I bought stuff that was 6 or 7 sizes larger than what I wore pre-preg. most of my maternity clothes are summer stuff, and its getting pretty darn chilly here, and I only have one sweater that actually fits, and its getting pretty tight.
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I'm having issues with pants. I went to dollar general and bought me a huge pair of khaki elastic waist old man pants. 7$. I hated spending the money but I am desperate. I have to have something to work in. I'm getting funny looks running around in yoga capri's and a sweater.
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Found shirts/sweaters that cover my belly!

It's getting cooler now, and I will not buy clothes just for the next 10 days. The other night, I was really wanting a sweater...ya know, it just felt like fall and I wanted to feel all warm and cozy in a familiar sweater. So, I wore one of DH's sweaters...and sadly, it didn't look at all hideous. In fact, my mom even complimented my "new" sweater . Now, you have to understand that DH is 6'1" and I'm 5'4" so normally his sweaters would hang half way to my knees. But, they fit great when I'm 8.5 months pregnant
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And I have a whole maternity wardrobe from last time that I loved, and which represents hours and hours of scouring the stores. But because the seasons are flipped (DS was born in May), I'm *still* running out of clothes. First time, I wore a medium in early pregnancy which was in the winter, and started to need large when the weather got warmer towards the end. So this summer, a lot of the summer pants from last time were too big and would fall down. (I wore them anyway but it was annoying.) Now, I can't squeeze myself into all the winter pants. Gah! I broke down and bought a pair of courderoys from mimi yesterday...ahhh, so strechy and comfers. So now I have that and jeans.

I think I might try to find maternity leggings. I have a bunch of summer maternity dresses that could work with leggings and cardigans and be quite comfy and cute. I would just need a pair of shoes that go with that sort of outfit. Ballet slippers maybe. Or black sneakers? Gotta be something with a lot of elastic...I am so not into trying to tie any laces at this point.
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Ok, so I'm officially wearing my husband's clothes now! The weather turned chilly this weekend, and all my summer maternity clothes are now useless, so I raided his sweaters. I just have 2 more weeks of work and then I can sit around my house in a mumu!
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It got cold suddenly, and although I do have a sweater and a light-weight jacket, it's not enough if it continues to get cooler. Unfortunately, I'm not a movie star, so I can't go buy new outfits and those adorable maternity coats. I'm going to see if DHs sweatshirts will fit.

I've got one pair of jeans and one pair of "lounge-wear" I got from Target...so I do laundry pretty often. If it weren't for DD, I wouldn't have to wash them as often, but she likes to smear her dirty hands on my thighs.
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I was thinking (hopeing) that I would get through another pregnancy without this problem but Im carrying a LOT differently this time and my clothes from last time just aren't comfortable anymore. I had 3 pairs of pants, a skirt and maybe 7-8 shirts that fit well enough to wear out and are still comfortable. The rest technically fit me but they dig into my belly so I won't wear them. I wish the person who borrowed my maternity clothes last would have returned my favorite pair of pants instead of keeping them. They were a size larger than my other clothes and all soft cotton. They would be soo nice for bedtime
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