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Visiting Charleston- kid activities

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Hi, I'm sure there are plenty of threads on this but I didn't see any by searching. We're visiting Charleston for a few days and so far it's been pouring rain so we haven't been able to walk around or play outside. We need more ideas to keep the kids occupied! We've already driven all over the place, gone over bridges, seen ships, gone out to eat. What other indoor activities are there? We do know about the aquarium and will probably do that. anything else?

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This children's museum rocks: http://www.explorecml.org/

There are lots of bounce houses in the area too (a novelty for us when we were there because we don't have those here). We went to "House of Bounce".

Those were the two indoor activities the kids really loved when we were there 15 months age.
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It looks like the rain stopped...but the Charleston Museum (across the street from the visitor's center) is nice. If you want to venture to a fort, Fort Moultrie on Sullivan's is great , but don't do in the rain. Along with House of Bounce, there is Ready Set Jump. If you are into arcades, Blackbeards Cove in Mt Pleasant.
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Thanks everyone! The kids + dh ended up going to the Moultrie playground, while me and MIL walked around and saw the historic district. We were all set to go to the children's museum (it looked fun!) but it took everyone soooooooooo long to get ready we ran out of time. We also went back to the beach a couple more times.
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