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: Welcome little Julien! What a gorgeous family you have.
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Congratulations mama and welcome Julien! : You all look so happy with your new little one.

BTW, a friend of mine just had a baby a few weeks ago and named him Julian. We considered it for our DS except DH nixed it since we already have a Solana and then we'd have 2 local place names for our kids' names.
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A triumphant story! DS1 was exactly the same length, weight, and head circumference! I't's great the nurse was able and willing to work with you, and help!

Have fun loving on him!
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Oh, congrats! : How precious!
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Julien is an adorable addition to your beautiful family! Congrats to you!
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congrats on your beautiful little boy!!!! Welcome to the world Julien!
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Congratulations! ::
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You have a beautiful family!! Congratulations on your little man!!!
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