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Weird pregnancy rash

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Hi Everyone,
My name is Carol and i'm new here. I'm due March 2nd, I'm 20 weeks on Monday. Anyway, I have this really weird pregnancy rash on my legs, that's the only place I get it. I had it with the first, our son and not with the two girls and now it's back again. My midwife said she's never seen anything like it before. They come and go. They're alot like a HUGE misquito bite. They have a bump behind then, they're very red and some are huge and some aren't. They feel like a bruise to the touch but they can itch REALLY bad! I'm wondering if anyone else here has ever had something like this before?
Thanks for your time,
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Do you get them one or two at a time, or several bumps at once? You could be MRSA colonized; I had bumps similar to the ones you're describing, and thought that they were insect bites. I didn't learn the truth until I got sick after my c-section.
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Have you had a liver panel done? Itchy rashes in pregnancy can sometimes be liver-related. Although that rash does sound different than the usual liver rash.
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