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My husband has the moving bug...he wants to see Tasmania...live there maybe. I am curious, what is it like there...what are the daily lives like? Does anyone on here live there? How do you like it? What are are the laws like? Would you want to raise a family of home-schooled boys there? I am a doula, and already I found out that there would be plenty of work for me...my husband does IT - computer support. ANY thoughts on the topic would be most enlightening!!! THANKS.
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I don't live in Tas, but I did about 10 years ago. It's a really wonderful place to live. really different climate from Tx tho! There's a wonderful community of alternative-types, natural birthers and home education stuff. there's a new site for australian home ed that has some tassie folks on there. liberatedlearning.info
i think in general, daily life is much like anywhere. i don't know how much IT work there is, but doulas are in demand. laws are generally pretty cruisey.
me, i'd definitely do it.
we already did. we moved to australia in may last year and it's the best Personally i can't handle the winters in tasmania : but it's freakin beautiful there.
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I told my hubby we could look up sites all day...but it would be more productive to talk with people who've lived there...
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I couldn't get enough of Tassie during the month of travel there. It's very much like my beloved homeland in the Pacific NW (USA) - green, lush, mild summers (can't vouch for winters, but by Australian standards, they're "cold"). The National/State Parks are top notch, plentiful and close by (everything is on that tiny island). My DH and I talk of moving there often. In fact, your post reminds me that we seriously need to look in to it again.

Best of luck to you!
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My dh is from Tassie. It is beautiful. It is very isolated too. You may like that. He has lots of family in agriculture and we enjoy visiting them. I'm not sure how you will fit in as an outsider. It's a question to consider. It's a very close knit community. The winter is freezing cold, and heating seems very old fashioned. Last time I was there, and visiting relatives, our whole family (us 2 and the the 2 kids) was shivering in bed one night! Of, course we live in a warm climate now and are not used to the cold.
Homeschooling seems to be quite common, so that would be an easy fit.
The nature is unbelievable and the stars at night are like no other!
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