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I like it when my youngest ds gets creative and calls him "super duper pooper Dave" lol

He gives them all nicknames. One is Sir Knight, the other is Ethan Monster, and dss is Grand Master Mop (cause his hair is all over the place).

Sometimes I wanna be like "mom? what I don't get a cool name too?"
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My youngest DD has been calling me "Mumzy" for quite some time now. (She says it with a British accent, so I always wonder what TV show or movie she was watching where Hugh Grant called someone Mumzy.) I've noticed recently that DSD has been trying it out on me too, which warms my heart.
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Super cute!! I like mumzy! My eldest just got out of the "mama" thing and is calling me MOM, bittersweet, hes 12 lol
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Well, my two call me "Jay" most of the time. The funny thing about this is that sometimes "Mom" slips out at home, and I know that both of them refer to me as their mother at school because their friends come up to met "Mom" after school. Devin actually accepted me as a mother figure first, which was kind of interesting because he was so angry with his biomom for leaving him and not showing up when she said she would. According to him, she was a "liar" (he was 4 at the time, and totally fed up: "she lied to us" was the only thing he said after she failed to show up to pick them up again) and he really never spoke of her again, not at all.

So I thought I might have a bit of a battle there, but hoped it wasn't too late to bond. Well it wasn't - he and I got along straight away and it's been like that ever since. I have no problem calling either one of them "my" kids, because biomom hasn't been involved in person since about June of '07, and hasn't spoken to the children since October of '07.

My stepdaughter, whom I do frequently call my daughter (why not? That's how I feel) is such a sweetheart but since she's older does occasionally talk about her mom. However when she does, she has to make everything up because there's nothing real there to go on. we do mother/daughter things together and she's glad I think to have a mother type figure around, because she's the one who calls me Mom most often.

We share equal roles in discipline and everything else. In some ways that's much easier than the situations some of you are in, because you have to pass everything through the hands of a bioparent who is involved and wants to be there for the children. But in other ways our situation is tricky because of the emotional ramifications of having a child or children who've been totally abandoned by a parent. Then, you have those issues to deal with and they can be hard to get around sometimes, because they're so subtly expressed.

Nevertheless, the kids are no trouble for me. I love being their mom. Heck, I am their mom - you know? I'm not afraid because it's so wonderful to watch them grow up so beautifully after such an ordeal before *HUGS* XX
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My step children are 5 and 6. They started calling me mommy on their own. It was never suggested. I was ok with it, since they live with us full time and I SAH with them as well. Their biomom, who had not been involved with them for 3 years has recently come back into the picture. After many dealings with her and talking to her at length, she expressed she is uncomfortable with them calling me mommy in front of her.

DF and I sat them down and asked them to call me Torre because it hurts their mommy's feelings. They still call me mommy and sometimes even in front of her. I did tell her that I know they are NOT my cchildren and while I love them and care for them on a regular basis they DO miss her and ask for her and love her and are very aware SHE is their mommy.

I feel like it is something I do not want to push with them because they are in a more fragile state right now.

I have a feeling the more they see their MOMMY, the less they will call me mommy. and I am totally fine with that.
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I met Jack when he was 1 1/2, he didnt really called me anything back then. I moved in with DP when he was 2 1/2. He turned 3 in October. He calls me Aura (my name), but sometimes he calls me mommy, but I feel uncomfortable. His mom is kinda complicated and I dont want her to think that Im telling him to call me mommy or that Im his mom. I love him like my own son, but I like to avoid the drama. He's also here only for half of the week and then with his mom.
Me and DP are also not married, the other day his mom was here hanging out with us and she was talking to someone on the phone and she referred to me as Jack's stepmom, that made me feel good. Until now I've been John's girlfriend.
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