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Best sling for a newborn?

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Need some recomendations since I am ready to free up my hands and she loves to be carried around. Thanks
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I loved my slingling until my son was about 3 months, at which point he'd try standing in it However it was AWESOME until then. It's good again, now that he's big enough to do the hip carry.
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I preferred an open-tail ring sling when dd was tiny, it let me adjust it the most to keep her snug. I also loved the ultimate baby wrap or any moby-style wrap to keep her snug against me and well supported.
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I love my Mayawrap-versatile, snug, and comfy.
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The Moby is best for security, range of positions, and comfort.
However, a ring sling is best for popping in/out and BFing on the go.
The Moby grew with my baby better than the ring sling did, so if you can only get one I say Moby. But, I really liked having both, and they can be cheaply made or bought used.
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I second the Maya Wrap, LOVE it!
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I love my moby wrap or hotsling best for a newborn. The ringsling seemed too deep for them when they were so little. I love my maya wrap better when they are a bit bigger.
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I have one of everything.

For a newborn, I only like a wrap, or an open tail ringsling. The ring sling is one sholdered, but you can adjust it and pull the baby up really tight, so she is chest to chest with you. Mine is unpadded, but I have heard good things about some of the lightly padded slings.

I have a Gypsy Mama wrap, and Ive had it for three years, but it was used before I got it, so I am guessing it's at least six years old. I use it all the time, and it's held up beautifully.

For a little older (4 months and up) I love a mei tai. That seems to be the kid's favorite. (daycare kids) They get all happy when they see me get it out.

The baby I have now, hates the wrap, but likes the mei tai. I don't know why either. I think she likes being able to move a little bit in the mei tai.
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A good stretchy wrap is awesome foe a newborn. I prefer the gypsy mama bali baby stretch. It is a hybrid wrap so it is still stretchy and soft for a newborn but it doesn't stretch out as the other stretchy wraps (moby, etc.), so it will last a bit longer. It is lighter too so not as warm to wear.

I also love my open tail RSs. You can adjust them for so many carries and different sized babies - they are super versatile. It is still my go to carrier for quick trips - I just do a hip carry - DD is 22 mos. I love my SBP (sleeping baby productions) RSs - I have a couple of ones that used to be woven wraps and are now RSs. Super supportive and so comfy.

There are some great deals on TBW and lots of helpful mamas who can help you pick! Have fun shopping!
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I like stretchy wraps and stretchy pouches for newborns. I had a fleece pouch when ds was a nb and it was nice.
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I absolutely love the homemade pouch sling I made using these instructions:


This sling is similar to the "new native" or other pouch slings. The problem I've had with them in the past is that the fit needs to be the right size for the mother, and if the fit isn't just right it doesn't work. But if you make it yourself and measure according to these instructions it's a perfect custom fit. I made mine using polar fleece, which makes it nice and cozy with just the right amount of stretch when I drop the baby in. I left out the tacking stitches so it can be folded out to make a nice blanket for the stroller or car seat. Because it's small and lightweight I can stuff it in the diaper bag and take it with me even if I'm not sure I'll need it. Also it was more or less free since I made it out of leftover fabric from another project.

Here are some recent pics of her in the sling in various positions (she's six week old):

Sitting up:


Laying down:

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The hotsling was the first one I used with DD...it was super easy and I was able to feel confident with it very quickly. Second was a ringsling. Both were easy to pop a newborn into and felt very secure. DD hates cradle/kangaroo carries but doesn't have a lot of head control yet...it's easy to do a sort of modified half-sitting carry with both of those.
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Definitely a stretchy wrap like a Moby! It's super easy to make one yourself, too, Just fine some nice, soft, stretchy cottony fabric and cut yourself about five yards x 30 inches (longer or shorter depending on your needs). Usually fabric is at least double that width, so you can cut one wrap and have an extra to keep in your car or give to a friend.
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I had a karma baby pouch sling when DD was a newborn and I LOVED it Pouches didn't work after about 3 months, because she didn't like to be cradled, but started working again around 6 months when she wanted to be hip-carried. I now own 3 KB pouches (one for the shower/pool, my original one, and a new one that is smaller since I lost more weight than I gained- yay BF! ).

I also had a homemade Moby that was awesome and was our go-to for getting her to sleep
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I had a Fleece Hotsling (pouch) when DS2 was a newborn and we LOVED it!
Just the right amount of stretch, and so cozy

I've also used a Gypsy Mama Baby Bali Stretch and liked it a lot, and a Maya Wrap ring sling. The RS was nice too, but I felt like I needed a rolled up blanket or little pillow for head support till he got a little older.
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I put my little one in there around 1 week and didn't take her out until she was 2 months old. it was the only place that would she would be content--and not cry. SO, i wore her in the moby snug against my body for about 2 months. once she got a little bit bigger she started to like her poppy pouch--i think it is like a hot sling. poppypouch.com.
just yesterday at 4 months we did the baby bjorn.

but for a newborn--no hesitation---the moby wrap.
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I've been baby wearing for many years and have tried them all (so to speak) For the newborn stage I love a stretchy wrap (like the moby).

It's easy to make a wrap cheaply yourself!

check out www.wearyourbaby.com

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Moving to babywearing
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I am a huge fan of pouch style slings like Slinglings or New Native. You just can't beat the ease of use. Easy in- easy out. They fold super tiny and can fit in a purse, diaper bag or even a glove compartment or console.

You need to have a newborn that doesn't mind a cradle hold, however. I see lots of moms post who have a problem with that.
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I've used a Kangaroo Korner ringsling with both my kiddos from only a few days old and it's worked beautifully for us. I use it for nursing my 10 week old right now all the time and when he's not nursing, I put him tummy to tummy so he can look around. He is perfectly happy in it as was my daughter. I like the ring slings because there are SO many options for different carries as the child gets older.
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