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need a good ob/gyn

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i'm looking for a good ob/gyn here in essex county. the problem is that i don't drive, so morristown or summit seem to be the easiest options. my question is, does anyone know anything about kimberlee austin, debra brenin-goldfischer, naomi miller or vina isaac. all of them have offices in morristown and accept my crappy insurance (health net healthy options). unfortunately, there are no midwifes who accept it exept in newark which is too far to go to :
thanks a lot for your advice,
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I like my ob/gyn practice in West Orange. They're called Women First and it's 3 doctors: Claudine Sylvester, Sonya Youngren and Dr. Mansuria. They are affiliated with St. Barnabas. I can try to find their phone number if you want it. They're right next to the high school in West Orange, sort of behind the Whole Foods/KMart complex. You could also look into the Avalon midwife practice, I think they're in Caldwell.
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Dr Winsome Parchment is a favorite among the Holisitic Moms group in Northern NJ. She understands the importance of natural birth and is supportive. I don't have personal experience with her but I have met her and she seemed quite genuine. I believe she is with Overlook Hospital (or maybe Mountainside?)
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Friend of mine's wife delivered with Dr. Parchment. She got the natural birth she wanted. Her hospital is Overlook in Summit. Maplewood is on the same train line as Summit and Morristown, if that is an issue.
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