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Elina's birth story (x-posted)

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This was really a dream birth, from beginning to end. I couldn't ask for a better story to tell. I had my 39 week appointment with my midwife on Thursday and asked her to check me. I was the same as the week before, 2 cm dilated and most of the way effaced, but baby's head was tilted and pushing my cervix off to the side. I went home determined to help this baby position better for birth, and figured it would take a few days to do so. I did some pelvic tilts, went for a walk, and had a long talk with the baby about getting in the right position so we could all meet him or her. That evening my mother watched DS so DH and I could go to see a movie together. It was a good movie and it was nice to get out of the house as a couple before our lives got hectic again. I actually had a decent night of sleep for once. I got up and got DS ready for school, then came back from dropping him off and went out to breakfast with my mom and best friend. I was having contractions about every ten minutes or so, but had become quite accustomed to this since it had been happening off and on for two weeks! I did notice that breakfast was not sitting with me very well. Mom and I drove around looking for some yard sales to pass the time and then I started feeling tired so we headed home. I asked DH to go pick DS up from school so I could lay down and rest. I was still feeling contractions and was hoping the nap would settle them down if they weren’t going to be the real thing. About 12:30 I realized I was feeling pretty nauseous and needed to use the bathroom. I decided maybe this was the real thing after all, I definitely felt different and the contractions were beginning to be closer together and stronger. So instead of bringing DS home, DH took him to his sister and came back here to help get things ready. My mom was here as well, helping me get the bed set up and everything situated the way I wanted. I was trying to help get things ready and I even brought the laundry basket in my room to fold some clothes but suddenly realized I couldn’t be doing that right now – the contractions were coming about 3 minutes apart and getting intense enough that I started draping myself over the birthing ball on my knees and rocking back and forth through them. It was really peaceful and I was trying to communicate that to my mom and DH by smiling at them after each contraction was over. They were taking turns applying counter pressure on my back and setting things up like the birth tub. My midwife, A, and her assistants, arrived at about 2 (although I had no idea what time it was) and quietly set things up in the room as I continued using the ball to ride through the contractions. They were coming very close together and very intense. Through each one I envisioned myself becoming fluid and opening up to let the baby down. I was feeling nauseous at the peak of each one and thought to myself that this was what transition had felt like with Toby, but didn’t really think I could be at that point already. However, at about 2:45, A checked me between contractions and I was already at 8 cm. Orlando got the birthing tub filling up and then helped me through contractions until it was ready. I got into the tub and the water felt so good. I had a contraction and found that while the counter pressure had been perfect before, just having his hands placed on my back was all I needed in the water. After that first contraction, suddenly I had to push! It took me by surprise and I remember crying out a bit. I had thought the urge to push was strong with DS, but this was ten times more so. I put my hand down there and felt the baby’s head moving down and bulging out. The contraction ended and I sat back down (I had been on hands and knees in the water. My mom and DH’s mom were both there in the doorway to the room so I said hello to them – I was so relaxed and happy in the tub. DH climbed in with me and I had another contraction but no urge to push this time. Another minute to relax in the water and the urge to push hit me full on. I put my hand down there again and felt the bag of waters burst. Immediately behind that, the baby’s head was coming, fast and furious! I turned back around and pushed the baby’s head and body out all in one contraction. DH helped bring her up to my stomach. The umbilical cord was covering up the genitals and someone said they thought it was a boy. I didn’t think that sounded right, we moved the umbilical cord and sure enough, it was a girl. DS came in when she was on my stomach and came right over to give his new sister a kiss. DH cut the cord once it was done pulsing, and I got out of the tub and onto the bed to deliver the placenta. She nursed for the first time ten minutes after she was born, and then I had to be stitched up. She had come out so quickly and forcefully I didn’t even have the chance to try and ease her out without stress to my perineum! After the stitching, the midwives helped me shower and get in bed, where I was brought eggs and toast to eat. From beginning to end, everything was so peaceful, I couldn’t have asked for a better birth of my baby girl Elina Anne. She was born after only 3 hours of labor, at 3:13 pm. She weighed in at 6 lbs 12 oz and was 19 inches long. She is just a dainty little doll and we are all so in love with her!

39 1/2 weeks - the night before she was born

DH helping me through contractions

It's a girl!

Birthing euphoria

Family of four

Daddy bonding time

One day old
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Great job on a perfect birth!!! Congrats!!!! :::
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What a beautiful story! Sounds like an absolutely wonderful experience. Congrats! :
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:Congrats mama! Enjoy your babymoon! :
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Your birth story is awesome!!! Elina is such a doll.
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What a great story and beautiful baby girl! Beautiful family too! :-)
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Congratulations! She is a beautiful baby!
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What a perfect birth story mama! :: Welcome Elina!!
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What an awesome story!!! Thanks for sharing. Beautiful little girl you've got there! :
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Great story! I really enjoyed reading it rest up momma and enjoy your sweet baby girl!!! :
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Congratultations! ::
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Your story brought me to tears - how beautiful. Thanks for the pictures too.
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your story was just amazing!! i am not from you ddc, but hopped over from november to get myself pysched up for birth and i just have to say thank you for such a beautiful wonderful story! your pictures are so sweet! the "daddy bonding" one is my favorite, and the one day old one is so sweet! you do NOT look like you've just given birth, and i had that same mickey mouse onesie for my 2nd dd when she was born in '03. (i still have it packed away because it was one of my favorites!) Enjoy your babymoon and welcome to the world little one!
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What a beautiful baby girl! Love the photos. I really enjoyed your birth story.
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What a wonderfully inspirational story! Welcome to the world, Elina!
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What an amazing birth story...and a very lovely baby!! Congrats mama!!!
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I would've sworn I'd responded to this!! So sorry!

She's perfect! It's so funny though, Elina's the same size as my little Ally Rae but she looks so much chunkier! Ally looks so skinny to me! That's a beautiful birth story and I really enjoyed reading it. It sounds like you did an awesome job of working through the labor and what a strong mama you are, pushing her out so quickly and easily! Many congrats and welcome to the world Elina!
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Yeah! I'm so happy for you - what beautiful pics - you guys look so beautiful!
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Thanks, everyone. I can't begin to say how much I treasure that day, it was just so perfect, especially after the way I was treated in the hospital with ds - it was so ompletely opposite, I really feel like Elina's birth helped me heal from the emotional issues I've had over ds's birth.

Tara, you're right, Allie Rae does look smaller even though she is the same size, that's funny. But I swear, Elina looks like a tiny doll, she's still in preemie clothes. Ds was this tiny as well but it's been so long I forgot what it's actually like!
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