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possibly moving to Baltimore. .

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DH is applying for a job in the Baltimore area. He will be traveling so I don't think exact location matters as much as proximity (company vehicle/gas, etc).

Please tell me what areas to avoid and which are good. Thanks!
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Well, there are plenty of "good" areas and plenty of "bad" areas... Unlike other major cities, Baltimore and it's suburbs are fairly mixed. By that, I mean there are pockets, not one whole side of the city that's better or worse.

If you plan to use public schools, Baltimore City (with a very few local exceptions) is dismal, and the Southeast part of Baltimore County (I used to teach there) isn't great. The rest of Baltimore County (north of the city), Howard, and Anne Arundel counties have better schools and are generally considered pretty good.

If housing costs are an issue, then... there's still no straight answer. The mortgage crisis has hit here, just like the rest of the country, and prices have gone down, but we have BRAC coming (a huge reallignment of military bases which will relocate thousands to the area over the next 5-10 years), which will likely keep prices a little more stable.

If your husband will be travelling by air on a regular basis, then Anne Arundel and Howard are closer to airports and the DC metro. Commutes around here can be pretty rough, and being on the same side of the city as his workplace could make a big difference with commute time and hassle.
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Lauren gave a very accurate description of our area. I don't have much to add.
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Thank you, Lauren! I found the job description online and the location is described as Baltimore/Gaithersburg. I've looked at real estate and so far I haven't found anything in our price range.
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Baltimore/Gaithersburg? That's weird because it's like over an hour apart!

Maybe you could try some place like Mt Airy, which is in the middle. Prices are still kind of high, I think, but they are coming down. Or maybe Woodbine or Damascus. Those are smaller areas outside of Baltimore (probably 30-40 commute to both areas) and schools would be a little better than in Baltimore City or County.
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I noticed that too, but it is a traveling job (driving around to different locations fixing things) so I guess they're saying his area will cover both of those places. I'll check out Woodbine and Damascus tonight, thank you for mentioning them.
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we are actually moving to Woodbine in Carroll County. Carroll County seems to have better house prices than Montgomery (Gaithersburg) County and Howard County. Schools are pretty good too
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Originally Posted by lillymonster View Post
we are actually moving to Woodbine in Carroll County. Carroll County seems to have better house prices than Montgomery (Gaithersburg) County and Howard County. Schools are pretty good too
Thank you, for the specific advice on the school systems and housing prices. I'm writing it down on my research page!:
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I wanted to add that if you don't end up using public schools, that Baltimore City has a strong homeschooling community.

The Parkville/Hamilton/Lauravilla area is particularly "up and coming", boasting (among other things) Bediboo (a natural baby store), a children's bookstore, a yoga/wellness studio, a small health food store on Harford Rd and close driving distance to both Trader Joe's and Whole Foods. There is an AP playgroup, a "freeschool preschool," frequent library storytimes, good playgrounds and parks. We have a good sized Baltimore attachment parenting playgroup/support group. There are a lot of things I like about Baltimore and could go on and on.
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phathui5- i love the way you described our area! dh and i live in parkville and love it! i am a baltimore city teacher and i use the healthfood store on harford rd and am so glad you mentioned bediboo, b/c i have passed it several times and never knew what it was. glad you told me..i am so gonna go there now!
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Anne Arundel County Resident

I currently live in Anne Arundel county and we love it. My husband works in Baltimore (Woodlawn area, which is West of the city) and it takes him about 40 min-1 hr to get to work because he has to use I-695. As far as schools, Severna Park is considered the best area to live...which makes it the most expensive. There is also an area called Piney Orchard which is a planned community near Fort Meade Military Base. There are places in many price ranges - apartments, condos, various townhome models and single family homes. Very suburban, many walking trails and tons of kids.
Hope this helps and good luck!
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