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New moms group in Chicago?

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Hi there - I'm looking to join an existing new moms/play group in the Albany Park/Lincoln Square area. Does anyone know of one? If one doesn't exist, is anyone from the area interested in starting one? I'm dying to meet other new moms!
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I think the Northside Parents Network has a new mom's group. You can check at www.npnparents.org
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If you nurse, do you attend the LLL meetings in North Park (on Christiana near Foster)? It's a very active group (or it was when I attended) and welcoming . . .you'll meet plenty of AP mamas from the area!
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Bloom Yoga Studio has new moms meetings. I also second the LLL!
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I try to make it to the LLL meetings, and I love the group. We have a cafe meet up every second Friday of the month, and it is fabulous to get away and just relax. If you ever want to get together, let me know! I am in Logan Square, so not too far from Lincoln Square.

Breastfeeding Series Meeting
Illinois Masonic Hospital
836 W. Wellington, Ringel Room
7:00PM -8:30PM
Meetings held the 3rd Tuesday of the month
Pregnant women, moms and babies welcome to discuss breastfeeding

Parenting Enrichment Meeting
Berry Memorial Church
4754 N. Leavitt
10:00AM - 11:30PM
Meetings held the 1st Wednesday of the month
For new and experienced moms who have more general parenting questions

La Leche League Cafe
Curio Cafe
3400 N Lawndale
Get-togethers held the 2nd Friday of the month
An informal opportunity for mothers to socialize while a leader is available for questions
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There are Attachment Parenting meetings and other fun stuff at BeByBaby in Roscoe Village. Not TOO far away.
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