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Haven't seen the doctor yet. I think I"m going to just wait it out and see if it reappears. My lower back is still very achey as well my lower abdomen seems to have a funny sensation at times. My feet and hands have been burning up at night and I have been very thirsty for cold cold drinks.

I usually wouldn't be worried that I'm pregnant b/c DH and I always use protection, except one time this month we didn't have condoms and did the withdrawal method. So if it weren't for that, I'd chalk it up to hormones!

I'll keep you posted!
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I am 2 weeks late and just this morning got a faint positive, though I've been really feeling like I'm pregnant for about 4 days. This pregnancy is a HUGE surprise, we thought we were done, DH was getting his V next month!!! My 2 kids are about the same age as yours too.

Let us know!!
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Yes, we are in the same boat. I'm 43 and we definitely weren't planning on anymore!

Did you have any spotting or back ache??

All the best with your pregnancy.
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I haven't had any spotting or backache, just the nausea, lightheadedness (is that a word LOL) and exhaustion! I'm glad mine are back at school tomorrow! (they had been on fall break) My kids are born in 00' and 02'. I'm actually the most upset/stressed/overwhelmed about the age difference to tell you the truth. Just when we thought all the baby stuff was behind us LOL.

This will be my first pregnancy being "advanced maternal age" so I'm curious about what that entails.
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Originally Posted by Domestic Goddess View Post
Well yesterday morning, woke up and had a bit of pinkish blood on the toilet paper. Thought....yes!!! Finally I had my period!

Then.............that was it....gone. Still nothing today.

Now I'm really confused. :
I had what I thought was a light period when I was a month pregnant...short (four days) and mostly light pink/light brown. I didn't test until two weeks after that, so you may be pg anyway. Go see someone! We're dying to know!
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Could def. be late implantation, good luck mama~~keep us posted! My earliest symptoms w/this pg and w/ds [found out at 4wks with ds and 5wks with this pg] was fatigue early on. Then the hormones kicked in lol. Everybody is different though and so is every pregnancy. With my dd I had horrible morning sickness super early on. Bleh.

ETA: We didn't dtd very much at all and tried to prevent [opk tests etc] yet we still go pg lol.
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Well ladies, looks like AF has finally kicked in.

Thanks for listening to my madness!

I wish you all wonderful pregnancies and beautiful babies.

Take care.

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