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Greyson Edward is here

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Just a quick note to let you all know that baby has arrived!

Greyson Edward
Born at home after about 8 ish hours
6:24 p.m.
9 lbs 8 oz
22 in. long

We're doing great! I'm extremely tired,it was a difficult labor/birth (malposition head and shoulder dystocia) for me, but all is well now. I'll post pix and a birth story later on.
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Congrats and Welcome baby Greyson! Can't wait to hear your story!
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Welcome Baby Greyson!!! Congrats mama!!!
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Yay!! Congrats, mama!!: You were on my mind lots yesterday. So happy for you!

Welcome to the world, sweet baby Greyson!

Rest up and enjoy your babymoon!:
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Congrats Momma! Enjoy your little one!! Can't wait to hear the story and oogle some pics. :
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Congrats and Welcome baby Greyson!::
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Congratulations!!! I LOVE the name Greyson (especially spelled with the 'e')! Can't wait to hear your complete birth story and see pictures!
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congrats mama
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Welcome to baby Greyson and congratulations to you! I babysat a little Greyson when I was younger and he was the most delightful boy - the first little one to ever fall asleep in my lap and melt my heart. I hope you enjoy your little man
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congrats momma!!! I look forward to hearing your story Rest up and enjoy your sweet baby boy!
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Congrats & welcome baby!
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Congratulations!!!! Welcome Greyson!!
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Congratulations! ::
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Congratulations! LOVE the name! Sounds like you did great despite the tough labor. Can't wait to see pics!!
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I agree, great name! Congrats, and welcome Greyson! :
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My son is named Greyson, too, with the same spelling. Your post caught my eye. Congrats mama, and of course, I love the name.
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Congrats on your baby boy!! Will look forward to reading the birth story and seeing pics.
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Congratulations mama and welcome to Greyson! : I'm sorry about the shoulder dystocia; we had that at my hb with DS, but glad that all is well.
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Congrats to you! I agree it's a lovely name! Looking forward to more details when you're feeling up to it. Take care!
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