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Can you feel your baby?

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I can. Which terrifies me because I felt the twins at 9 weeks, but my singleton at 16 weeks. I am only 7 weeks. It could be because this will be my third time right? Please tell me you can feel your babies too, b/c I don't find out the number until Thursday.
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I'm only 4+ weeks so there's not much to feel yet. I'm fairly certain that I felt DS occassionally starting around 9 weeks. It's possible to feel them early when it's just one!
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At just 4 weeks...not a chance lol

I cant wait to feel my baby though!!!!
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what do you mean by 'feel your baby'? do you mean feeling the baby moving around inside, or you can palpate the baby with your hands from the outside? if you can feel it from the outside, is it your enlarging uterus you're feeling?

i'll be 6 weeks tomorrow, and i can't feel anything in the way of movement, and my uterus is still down in my pelvis, so i still can't feel my fundus (top of the uterus) at all. i keep checking too, b/c, nausea and exhaustion aside, i still can't believe i'm pregnant!
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Please let us know what you find out. I can't believe you can feel anything yet. I can only feel gas. I am sure you know though--you have experience.
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I mean movement in there. I also "feel" my fundus, I believe. I can't wear any pre-preg bottoms because I am so swollen, but I haven't gained a single pound. I assumed my uterus had adjusted itself accordingly.

I have to lie on my back and stay still for a few minutes, then I feel the lightest fluttering in there. No one believed I was feeling the twins at 9 weeks even the docs, until my ultrasound when the sensations matched the movement on screen. I may just be farther along than I think. Crossing my fingers. I just have to wait 1.5 more days.

I hate to jinx myself, but my family is full of twins and triplets even, so I am terrified. We have a 3 bedroom and dh's car is a 5 seater. So having 4 kids is going to cause some adjustments. 5 or 6 is just out of the question. If I am just farther along with a singleton, that is bad news too. I am a preschool director and cannot go into labor before school ends (3rd week in May). That is our busiest time of the year, with parties and programs. I will post when I find out.
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i don't know, mama. i hope that there is just one in there and that you are not further along than you think. maybe your uterus is anticipating all the growth it'll be doing and wants to get a head start?? wishful thinking, i know. do you have a history of uterine fibroids at all? that can make you feel your fundus sooner, but it may not explain why you feel movement so early.
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My first thought was you are further (farther?) along than you think you are. I'll be eager to read what you find out on thursday!!!
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I'd guess either twins or a singleton that's farther along. Babies START moving around 7 or 8 weeks, but their limbs are just little nubs. Your uterus should still be in your pelvis at 7 weeks. In my 2nd pregnancy, I felt my uterus move out right around 11 weeks, and then a day or two later, I felt the first flutters. I'm not sure when a twin uterus moves out of the pelvis. I can't seem to find that info via googling.

If you can feel your fundus already, I'd guess that you're not 7 weeks with a singleton.
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Nope, not yet. I can feel my uterus though, which feels kind of weird. I couldn't feel it like I can now, with my last pregnancies.
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