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Hey all. We're currently up in Peoria, IL and it's looking quite likely that DH will get transferred for work down to the Collinsville-area (though that'll hinge on the company's relocation plan offer and us getting out of our house here w/o a loss.)

Anyway, I'm looking for tips on how to pick where to live. We'll likely rent (house, need 3-car garage and >0.1 acre lots, ideally ~/>0.25acre.) for at least a year to get a feel for the areas. I've some family on the west side of St. Louis. Would like to live relatively close to a community of AP families. (A bit of a Jewish population would be a super bonus.) Baby #2 will have been born by then, so AP-friendly peds a need but not so much OB/GYN or birthing centers (#2 will be the last, thank you!). School districts a factor too.

Much thanks for any specific tips, suggestions on how to find info, or whatever.