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POLL: Chances of multiple sets of twins?

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Of you multiple mommas who conceived twins naturally, and then had subsequent pregnancies, how many had another set of twins?

I've got a lot of the twin-factors: family history, conceived twin girls on my first pregnancy, I'm tall and older. I like to imagine having other babies, but the idea of another set of twins is a little daunting.

The straw poll I took in my local club makes me guess the number is about a 1:8 chance for a second set. What about the MDC mommas?
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No other twins, but I've not tried again. Plus, I have MZ twins, and supposedly there's no genetic component to that.

I totally get the being scared of having twins again thing, though! I love my babies, and I'm so glad to have them both, but it REALLY IS easier one at a time!
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Even though my twins are MZ, for some reason I'm just paranoid about getting pregnant again because I'm so scared I'll have twins again! I'd love to have just one more, but 2 more would make 6 for us and I can barely function with the four I have!

Interested to see what others say.
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My first were MZ girls conceived at age 20. My second set (with a singleton in between...if he'd been twins we would have been DONE as they are only 13 months apart!) are boy/girl conceived at age 23. I have no maternal family history of twinning although (I know it's not supposed to be related but I thought I'd share anyway) there are 3 sets of boy/girl twins on my dad's side in my generation. Two sets are from my dad's sisters and the third is from an in-law. I also just had another single birth and had an ultrasound at 7 weeks so I'm quite sure there was never a twin in there.

I don't know if that's the information you're looking for (or if it makes you feel any better). My feeling is that if you're supposed to have twins again, you will. How many women do we know that get pregnant when they are being VERY careful with contraceptives? There are truly no accidents and it will work out the way it's supposed to. Good luck!
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We are pretty sure my girls are DZ (they look nothing alike, but have the same blood type and we haven't done a DNA test so we can't "prove" it). They were my second pregnancy (had an early m/c first). Two more pregnancies and no more twins. I'd actually love another set though. I keep thinking I need boy twins now so I can be symetrical. Crazy thought I know, but I just have this feeling there is a set of boy twins waiting to come to us
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I've had five pregnancies come to fruition and only one set of twins.

but they were my last

and no more babies will ever come from mine womb.
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My maternal grandmother had 3 singletons and then a set of twins, and then another set of twins. All girls.

We have 3 singletons and then a set of twins. Needless to say, it has me wondering....
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herdingkittens, after seeing your username, my DH has started saying, "herdingbunnies" to our kids LOL
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Thanks for all the responses Mammas! I love my girls, and would be thrilled either with our family as it is, or whatever babies come to us in the future. In some ways I'd love another set. But what I could see is having a singleton, and then getting pregnant again, with twins and having five babies in a blink of an eye. Some of you other moms handle that and more, but I can only imagine how tough it can be!

I know there's no predicting, just wondering. Have the feeling for me and others like me, the chances are pretty high. I might even go as high as 1:3, or 1:2.

If I get pregnant again, I'd want to go into it ready to be unconditionally happy with either a singleton or twins. Mine are young yet, so I have some time to mull it over.

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Originally Posted by MamaRabbit View Post
herdingkittens, after seeing your username, my DH has started saying, "herdingbunnies" to our kids LOL
It feels like that sometimes, yes?

Oh, well, kittens and bunnies are cute and cuddly!! They are worth "herding"!
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My kiddos are DZ. I was told that the odds of conceiving twins once you'd had one set of DZ twins was 20%, so one in five. To me, those odds would be enough to make me think carefully before TTC again, although with my health I probably won't anyway.

MZ twins are a random event, so if you've had confirmed MZ twins, your chances of twins a second time are no greater than anyone else's.
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Both of my sets are spontaneous MZ twins. No twins in my family or in DH's family. No other "risk" factors for twins. I just have eggs that like to split I guess?
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Twins run in my family. They are all MZ. I think eggs that like to split can be hereditary... scientists just don't know it yet.
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Without a family history, I don't think the chances of a second set of spontaneous dz twins are that great. I think it's like 1 in 24 or something. But I can't remember where I read that statistic.

I was terrified about having a second set of twins. And thrilled when ds3 arrived as a singleton.

I actually think it probably would have been quite a bit easier the second time around (already knowing how to manage twin babies/breastfeeding/babywearing/cosleeping/etc. and already having two of everything), but I really wanted the experience of a more normal pregnancy/birth/bonding with a newborn.

My dw is newly pregnant with our fourth baby, and I'm only the teensiest bit concerned about her likelihood of having twins. She IS a fraternal twin herself, but there's no family history beyond that. And we did an ultrasound to time the insemination and there was only one follicle that we could see. But there is still this little part of me that won't be at peace until we know for sure that there's only one baby. Post Twins Stress Disorder maybe?

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I know TWO women who have had two sets of twins...19 months apart. Whew.
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Oh wow Lex! That's fun to contemplate (for me only, I assume ).
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My grandmother lost a set of twins. But from her, we have the twins in the family. I have a cousin who has had two sets of twins. I have one set. But my pregnancy before the twin pregancy, I had a major bleed with lots of cramping. I was told I was miscarrying only to find there was still a baby there. I now believe I lost a baby from a previous twin pregnancy, though no u/s or blood tests to indicate otherwise.
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We conceived twins naturally and ended up miscarrying both babies. Four months later, we conceived again -- twins again -- and had 2 beautiful, healthy, full term, full size baby boys with our midwives. My husband's mom is a twin, but I have no family history of twins. And I guess these guys are "my fault" as they were 2 separate eggs/sacs etc!

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Wanted to share a story for posterity. I was at a store over the weekend, when the clerk asked if the babies my DH and I were carrying were twins. When we said yes, he said he had twins too. I asked how old? His answer:

15 and 4.

I barely heard him and was about to smile and keep walking when it hit me. 15 and 4. Two sets! A girl and boy each time. Wow-e! He was a sweetheart. I seem to meet parents, twins, siblings of multiple sets all the time. What an adventure.

Don't know if I'm ready for it, maybe an 11 year wait is a good thing . . .
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One of my closest friends had trips (B/B/B) and then dz twins (B/G). She's completely insane, but that's a different issue. Completely unassisted - until birth that is! I have another friend who has dz twins (B/B), singleton x2 (G/G), dz twins (B/G) (DONE), the twins are about 6 yrs apart, w/the two singletons in the middle. One of the singletons was a vanishing twin, if that matters to you. Totally unassisted, but w/a strong family history on everyone's side of twins - hers (mat and pat) and his (mat - not sure of pat). I believe that having one set of dz twins makes you 4x more likely to have twins than the average (untwinned) mother.

ETA: eating dairy is supposed to give you higher chances of twinning, too lol - and eating yams w/the skin on (though cooked seems to be ok!).

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