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My little boy peed his pants in front of the class - Page 3

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I'm glad it worked out for him. I can't remember how many times I threw up in elementary school. I only remember one time having an accident. It was in the first grade in the middle of a test. I raised my hand to ask to go, but the teacher told me to put my hand down and finish my test. And then after I had the accident she called me a stupid girl in front of the whole class. Jerk.

The other students were very kind, though. No one really made fun of me. Well, for that anyway.
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Originally Posted by pixie-n-hertwoboys View Post
I couldn't read and not post. Ah memories.... this happened to me many a times in school (weak bladder) The strongest memory I had was in gym class the teacher wouldn't let me use the bathroom, so I sat. When she told me to get up I did and it all came out, all over the floor around me too. Imagine the sound of pee tinkle on a gym floor. I walked with my back to the wall in line and told my regular teacher who immediately gave me her sweater around my waist and walked me to the nurses station. ugh. so there I sit with nothing on my bottom (besides teachers sweater) while they put my pants and undies over the heater - lunch was out and kids kept walking by looking and saying oooooh whats that smell. my mom came eventually brought me purple undies and white pants - which was better than the other option.... a warmed up pee soaked sweat pant. No one said anything except one girl who was a meany-head anyway. BTW, the teacher was a student one and she was sent away after that (well, after my mom came and had mighty strong words for her)

I guess what I want to say is continue what you are doing to help him. Follow his leads in how he feels going back. Does he get along with most of his class?

We all survive pee accidents. Heck I had one today LOL after sneezing 15 times my pelvic muscles couldn't take it anymore!
Sarah pees her paaa-aaants!!!! J/k!

OP: to you & your little boy! That's so heart breaking. How's he doing now?
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yes, matter of fact I do!
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Always second grade... I think most kids just forget about it.

I had an accident in second grade too. We were outside for gym class and the teacher wouldn't let me go back in because there was no one to walk me in and watch the rest of the class, so during a squatting excercise it came out. Then he had the bright idea that it may be safe to have another girl from class walk me to the nurses station so at least we weren't walking back to the school alone... why didn't he think of that for the potty??

But I can't remember anyone making fun of me too badly, so it must not have been too bad. lol I was pretty embarrassed though.

I hope everything is okay with your little boy. He may have just been having a nightmare reliving the classroom incident too...

Or, ugh, I'm actually going to go there with this... I wet the bed off and on randomly up til sometime in middle school because my body had a hard time waking up or something, but I would dream about having to pee and going to a toilet and it would be SOOO vivid, and when I did wake up I'd be aboslutely mortified to find out the toilet was in my dream and I had actually wet the bed.

But yeah, maybe ask him if he was dreaming about anything and if so what?
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Originally Posted by pixie-n-hertwoboys View Post
yes, matter of fact I do!
Okay, update. He is doing just fine I did share some of the posts here with him and he got very perky and seemed to really get a self-esteem boost afterward. So, THANK YOU to all!
Oh, and although I am not a pants-wetter, I do have an embarassing problem since my babies were born (and I told him too). I can't hold gas bubbles as well as I used to This has proven to be embarassing when I am shopping and cannot exit to the next isle fast enough to remain anonymous to other shoppers
I get embarrassed and survive ALL THE TIME!
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