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I don't have a problem letting my kids have a sip now and then. Dh and I have a beer or wine with dinner regularly and don't think that hiding it from our kids will do them any favors.

I don't think exposing or not exposing your kids will make them alcoholics. I do think hiding alcohol and making it some evil thing will make them more likely to try it on their own.
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We have let ds sip wine or beer. I think it was only once though, he hated it!
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I would allow it, but it hasn't come up. I don't drink very much and ds(4) has never asked to try it when I do. I'm sure it will happen as he gets older though.
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DH is of Italian heritage so he grew up with the watered down wine with dinner (although in his family it was only about once a week or less). My parents also were pretty okay with us having the occasional sip, but when we were older. So we both have pretty relaxed attitudes about it.

With that said, we both don't drink often at all. I might have a glass of wine in the evenings but normally after the kids are in bed. I've found that my oldest really doesn't want a sip of my drink but rather wants a fancy wine glass. So if I give her a bit of apple juice (with a dash of Sprite in it to make it bubbly) she thinks it's pretty cool. When they are older we'll probably let them have sips though.

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No. While early alcohol doesn't equal alcoholism, alcoholism and drug addiction do run the in the family of my older two children. I've never let the younger ones have any either.
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My children are allowed sips of our alcoholic drinks occaionally, although not every time we drink. We have no alcohol issues in our family.
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I am of the same mindset as the OP. I will always let them try it when they ask, dd hates the taste of alcohol. DS loves it, and I usually let him have a couple sips, he is super responsible and barely even wets his lips. I don't just let him keep drinking it or anything, but with this open attitude I guess, he doesn't even ask every time he sees me with a glass.

We often do mineral water with lime in a fancy glass, and that feeds the need for specialness. And on special occasions i will pour about a 1/4 inch of wine in a glass for them to have.

Funny thing, DS (6) is the one that regularly asks, and loves it, and the most responsible. DD (7) doesn't like it so she never sips it. THe one time she tried a fruity, pink wine I let her do the whole 1/4 inch glass thing and she tried to down it. I think ds is already learning to me moderate and respectful of it.

Anyhoo. My personal opinion.
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No. I like wine here and there, and DH likes beer once in awhile, but we always drink when DS has gone to bed.
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No, my bio mom was/is(dont know if she's alive) an alcoholic and I was told my bio dad was/is( i dont know if he's alive) was one too AND my baby's father is an alcoholic as well...
So, the answer is NO!
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I think alcohol is an acquired taste and what you are letting her do is slowly, gradually acquire a taste for alcohol and she already likes it. I don't like the taste of any kind of alchohol, even when it is masked in a fruity drink and will never understand why people drink it. Tastes kind of burning/rancid to me. I might think different if I had had a taste here and a sip there as a child and got used to it, but that never happened and I'm glad for it.
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Yes, not daily or even weekly, but she'll occasionally ask if she can have a sip of daddy's beer, or mommy's wine. But usually she'll just wrinkle her nose, and say she doesn't like it. I guess she feels she needs to check occasionally?
I might feel differently if there was a strong background of alcoholism.
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well, many Europeans I know do have drinking problems. I grew up in a very pro- alcohol-sipping-for-kids household, and I do think it contributed in part to bad habits later in life. We have a genetic predisposition to alcoholism on both sides of our family-alcohol consumption is something we have to carefully and responsibly educate them about. So I'd prefer to give them a root beer instead.
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I don't think thee is anything wong with a sip or two o even a small glass on special occasions but the constant asking would iritate me regardless of what i was drinking.
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Yikes, heck no.

Then again we don't ever have alcohol around anyways. My dad was an alcoholic before I was born so we never had it in the house or saw it anywhere. My dh's parents don't ever drink alcohol either. I think the last time I had a drink was...2-3 years ago?

Regardless I'm pretty strict about following the laws. If you don't like the laws try to change the law but don't commit a crime, kwim?
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I don't think I would be comfortable with it. I understand the idea of not making alcohol a big deal but we have alcoholism and drug addiction on both sides of the family. My hubby had issues with alcohol and doesn't drink anymore..my father is recovered alcoholic for 20+ years. I myself have never had issues with alcohol but I haven't been able to drink because I'm on meds that don't allow it..and I've actually entertained the idea of being a "dry" house. I guess I just don't like how society makes alcohol such a norm in socializing, dining, entertaining, etc and I don't want my kids to associate fun with alcohol.
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Originally Posted by Barefoot Farmer View Post
However, now, each night she asks for a sip and occasionally she will ask for a second sip. She understands (or at least can repeat back to me) that these drinks are "grown up" drinks b/c they have alcohol in them and that alcohol can make your head funny. I always say no to the second sip (giving the above reason of "grown up" drink/alcohol lesson. My question is, how do you think I'm doing?
I'm sorry - this just makes no sense to me, so I'm feeling concerned about how a five year old could make heads or tails of it.

Your five year old asks for more than one sip of alcohol each night? You give her one but not the second. How is the first sip acceptable for kids but the second is bad? You tell her - and she can tell you - that it is a grown up drink.... so why are you giving it to her?? Doesn't that send a mixed message?

The law is 21. It is for adults. Dc is five. I would think it was better to not tell her it is for adults if you are going to give it to her. It just seems confusing - "it is for grown ups/here is your sip" ????

Originally Posted by grniys View Post
If we were to have wine, I'd probably buy the kids sparkling grape juice so they could have their fancy drink while we had ours. I'll let them have "kiddie cocktails" when we go out. But they won't have alcohol in my presence until they are legally old enough to do so.
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Good topic :

Originally Posted by grniys View Post
If we were to have wine, I'd probably buy the kids sparkling grape juice so they could have their fancy drink while we had ours. I'll let them have "kiddie cocktails" when we go out. But they won't have alcohol in my presence until they are legally old enough to do so.
That seems like the best idea to me.

I think this is a fine line. We don't want our kids liking/wanting alcohol....but we also don't want alcohol to be the forbidden fruit that's so tempting if no adult is looking.

DD is quite young but I *think* I would allow her ONE sip ONE time so she could try it. Maybe.

This is what one of my friends did: Her kids were very curious about alcohol. She let them have a sip of vodka. Now, they run when they hear "alcohol". The other night we were drinking beer. She asked the kids, "hey, do you want some alcohol?" and held out the beer. All 3 of them shook their heads and said "nooooooooo!". I personally thought that was a really good idea.
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I will give my son his own little glass of wine on Shabbos when/if he asks. I usually dip my finger in the wine and let him suck on it now after the blessing. Wine is a symbol of joy in our culture. Now, it's kosher wine, which is sweeter and has less alcohol, but I see nothing wrong with that.

Re: normal alcohol - I was always allowed a small glass of whatever my parents were drinking. I think a vital part of this process is modeling behaviour. If you plan on drinking LOTS of alcohol in their presence, make sure you don't start to give it to them. If you get one glass with dinner and THEY get their own little glass with dinner (no refills for either), then I think it's fair. If you're going for "fair" that is.

ETA: check this out: http://www2.potsdam.edu/hansondj/Chi...Parenting.html
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I would say no. It is illigal to buy or consume under ae 21 so I feel parents should stick to that. I would not allow a child a puff of a cigarette either.
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No, Children’s brains are still growing a developing and I believe it can lead to alcohol abuse and dependence.
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