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Ella is here!

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I had Ella Sunday at 10:54am. I woke up at 5am feel like I had bad gas. I figured it was that or labor, but i was pretty certain it wasn't labor, I was just sick. I went into L&D and I was apparently in labor! 4 hours after we showed up we had a beautiful baby girl (37w, 1d). I'll put the birth story up later, but it's feeding time again.
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Wow! Congratulations! Sounds like a quick labor.
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Welcome to the world, Ella!!
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Congrats!! Welcome Ella!
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Congratulations! :
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Congratulations mama and welcome Ella :
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Congratulations! Welcome Ella! :
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All these babies arriving is making me nervous.
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Wow, babies started coming!!!
Congrats and happy babymooning! :
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Can you have your baby send mine some hints about moving toward the exit?
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Happy nursing and well done!
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yay! another baby has arrived! welcome little ella and i can't wait for the birthstory!:
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congrats!!! : welcome little ella!!
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Fantastic! Yay Ella and Crystal!
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WOW! I'm 37wks 3d.....I can't believe all these babies are arriving!!! Freakin' me out!
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Happy Birthday Ella!!!

p.s. I love your name. it was going to be my son's name if my son was a daughter! :-)
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Love the name!
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