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What did you do with your placenta?

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I thought it would be intersting to hear what ohter mama's did with their placenta. My midwife explained every little detail of my placenta to me. It was awesome to have some one give a hands on tour of my placenta. I had no idea what the placenta entailed. We choose to save it and it's in the freezer till i come up with a plan for it. So....what did you do with your placenta?
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Looked at it and said "Holy crap its big!"

I wish I would have gotten the same "guided tour"- everyone in my hospital room seemed very surprised that I even wanted to see it. I'm glad I remembered to do even that!
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MW gave DH the guided tour... I was too busy ooo-ing over my baby. We told her we weren't interested in keeping it so we were pretty surprised to find it in our freezer a week later. We threw it out. If we weren't finished with all our landscaping I would have planted it under something. Supposedly they make great fertilizer. Plus it's nice to have a tree for DC.
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Mine's in the freezer. DH wants me to get rid of it b/c it takes up room in our small freezer but I want to plant it in the Spring. The only thing I'm worried about is animals digging it up. My midwife warned me to bury it deep or foxes would get it. That skeeves me out.
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in the freezer... no idea what to do with it, but it's there until we figure it out.
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Not in your DDC, but :

I am planning on planting a black walnut tree with it in the spring.
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I was so torn about what to do with mine . . . .

We got a beautiful little tree that we planted in our backyard the day I went into labor (purely coincidental, but very sweet to me : ) and I would have liked to plant the placenta under the tree. It's a linden tree, and we thought about naming baby girl Linden for a while.

But instead, my doula freeze dried and encapsulated my placenta and I've been taking the capsules periodically--2 in the morning and 2 at night at first. I think they reeeeeeeeeally helped me with my emotions during those crazy first two weeks.
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I had a guided tour of mine. I didn't really ask for one, but got one anyway. lol. She even showed me where my blood pressure had effected some of it and made it grainy-like. I thought that was weird. It was the coolest looking thing though. I didn't save mine. We don't have a place of our own... so we couldn't do the whole tree planting thing.
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not in your ddc either but thought I'd share too. We put it in the freezer and agreed that when we moved to our new house we would plant a tree with it. That's just what we did. And since we planted the tree the grass around that area is actually starting to look really nice too. Most of our lawn looks horrible. I don't know if it's because we've actually been watering the tree area or if it's because of the placenta, or both. But it was exciting.
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yep... in the freezer! I remember our midwife attempting to give the guided tour, but I definitely wasn't tearing my eyes away from my baby for even a second to look at the placenta. I guess she wrapped it up and froze it for us. I had thought I might dehydrate a small piece to consume in some way, but didn't do it and now I think I'll save it until spring to use to plant something somehow.
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We buried ours. DP wanted to throw it away but I made him save it. I kind of wanted to do the capsule thing, but it was too much work and I didn't have anyone to do it for me. Plus, DP had put it in a bag in the driveway where it sat overnight :. I had him dig a hole and then he ran off while I buried it. I'm not normally a very sentimental person but something about the experience felt very right and healing and brought tears to my eyes. I think it may have had something to do with the smell bringing feelings back.

Next spring we'll pick out a new rose to go in that spot.
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I have it in the freezer, as well as DD2's placenta (DD1 was a hospital birth before I became crunchy, so I didn't save it). We rent a house so we're waiting until we have a permanent place to live to plant them. When we plant them (at least 6 feet down), we will plant special trees over them, one for each child. For DD1, I will cut a lock of her hair and plant that since we don't have her placenta, that way she gets a special tree too.
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We planted both my other ds placentas with special trees. My oldest ds was a January birth so he has a blue spruce tree and second ds was a July baby so he has a beautiful blooming apple tree that flowers around his birthday. This little guy came Sept so we will keep it in the freezer till spring when we will choose a special tree I am thinking a maple (since I love maple leaves in the fall) and plant the placenta under it. We also got a guided tour which got videoed at the end of his birth tape.
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My midwife came to our house the day after the birth and helped me with my placenta. We cut it in half (one half is in the freezer waiting to be buried under a tree) and then cut the other half into strips, which I dehydrated and ground up. I put it into capsules and took two a day for the first couple weeks after the birth. I bled for two weeks, and didn't have any issues with baby blues or PPD until just recently. I definitely think that the placenta worked for me. I can't wait to bury the other half, as I think it will really be a completion of this experience for me...
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It's in the fridge still. : Dh didn't cover it up so there it's sat and pretty useless now. I haven't decided whether to throw it out yet (feels weird) or bury it (we rent so...)
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Hubby buried mine somewhere. I have no idea where and I'm not going to ask. Although I'm hoping it wasn't in the garden. Or at least, I hope it will be composted by the time I go to plant in the spring. I'd hate to come across that thing. Ew.

Funny thing is, I forgot all about it for a week or so and then asked Andrew what he did with it. I had these worrisome thoughts about finding it (it had been put in a small bag and tied) somewhere months later, like in the middle of summer. Oh gross!! He told me he took care of it. Whew!
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Mine is in the freezer until I get the time to make some placenta prints. After that me, baby and some of my close friends will take a trip to Joshua Tree to watch the sunrise and bury my placenta somewhere special. Its a place that resonates with me and since we rent I wanted a place I could refer to in the future that has meaning to me. I want to plan some sort of ritual so I can commemorate and say goodbye to this amazing and wonderful chapter in my life. We have two boys and a new baby girl and we are blessed to have our family. We are complete. With that said its hard to say goodbye so I wanted to do something special with the placenta to mark the passing of this stage in my life and welcome in the new stage of my life.
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Mine's in my freezer and I'm freaking out all of my friends/guests with it.
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Ours is in the freezer too. We have land on which we plan to build a new house in the next few years. I am hoping to plant it under a tree out there but we'll see. It depends if it makes it that long in the freezer I have a tendency to get crazy and purge things.
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I am happy to announce we planted ours the day our girl turned 10w (sunday) under I nice big palm tree we just got for our new house......I can't wait for the tree to just take off....
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