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Announcing Zanthias *added birth story and pics*

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Zanthias Gunnar Dale Garrod was born Oct. 13 at 2:30 pm. Short story for now as we're still in the hospital.
His due date was Oct. 26th but due to a horrible case of PUPPPS, and as it turned out, cholestasis, he was induced at 38 weeks 1 day. Induction started at 7:30 am and he was born a short 7 hours later! It was a completely unmedicated birth, and it was tough, but really worth it, as he was completely alert and awake when placed on my belly after he was born.
Breastfeeding is going well so far, he's got a good latch and strong suck. He was 7 lb 12 oz, and 20 1/4" long, with a 14" head. He was QUITE the conehead, as I had a hard time getting his head out.
I'll post pics and story once I'm home as the wifi here is really slow.

*BIRTH STORY ADDED, pics at bottom*
*Also, just wanted to add that my PUPPPS is almost all gone, and the dr. said the cholestasis resolves quickly on it's own-the itching from that is gone!*
Zanthias Gunnar Dale Garrod was born October 13th, 2008 at 2:30 pm. He was 7 lb., 12 oz. He was 20 1/4” long and his head was 14”.
His guess date of arrival was October 26th, but due to a very bad case of PUPPPS and suspected cholestasis, Autumn was induced early. She went into the hospital at 6:30 am and induction was started at 7:30 am, with a pill placed behind her uterus to help ripen her cervix and start pressure waves, and also had her water artificially ruptured. She was a good 3 cm dilated when she arrived and was having some pressure waves on her own. She had to lay in bed for 2 hours to let the pill begin work before she could get up-this was torture for a pregnant woman! Drew and Autumn did a lap of the floor once she was allowed up. Pressure waves had begun to have some regularity while laying in bed, and began to intensify during the walk. Getting back to the room, Autumn tried using her birthing ball, but it was very uncomfortable as the baby was so low, and amniotic fluid came out in huge gushes when she sat. She turned on her Hypnobabies at this time, Birthday affirmations, and Easy first stage. She was pretty calm and collected, though she felt the waves growing stronger and more intense all the time.
Drew needed to go home and take care of our pets as we didn't know how long labor would last, so around 11, Autumn told him to hurry up and leave, or she wasn't going to let him leave at all. When he left, she had to lay in bed every so often for fetal monitoring. Otherwise, she mostly paced the room, listening to Hypnobabies. Things got a lot more intense without Drew there to help. Autumn had to start moaning through the pressure waves. It was really hard to keep her lightswitch in place and working without Drew there to help her relax. The nurse offered to check her to see how far along she was, but Autumn wanted to wait until Drew got back. By the time he came back around 12:30, Autumn was in transformation. Drew tried using his Hypnobabies “relax” and “release” cues, which did help some, but after having been alone, she found it hard to get back into the proper mindframe. Mostly she leaned against Drew and rocked and moaned through the waves. Things were really speeding up, with the waves coming closer and closer together. The nurse checked her and she was at 8-9 cm! This was much further than either of us expected that quickly. Dr. McTammany had told us to expect the baby in the evening. Autumn didn't realize it was transformation, and just knew things were really, really intense. She kept telling Drew she couldn't do it, and she needed drugs (which Drew knew she really didn't mean, and it was too late anyway!) She finally got to 10 cm, with no doctor in sight yet, but the nurse said it was ok to start pushing. The doctor arrived within a few minutes, and as Autumn had asked to not be coached during pushing, the nurses and doctor just sat and observed. Drew helped by telling Autumn when he could see the head. She pushed on her right side, with Drew holding her left leg. She kept getting cramps in her right hip and leg as she pushed. It took a long time to push out the head-in the end, Autumn was on her back, with Drew and Nurse Becky holding her legs. This part was the most difficult, but the most empowering. Autumn was very loud in pushing, and worked really hard, even though it did burn like crazy. Drew was very encouraging. Once his head was out, the rest was easy. The baby was placed on her chest immediately as requested. He was covered in vernix, and his cord was thick and pulsing. Dr. McTammany waited for it to stop pulsing, and Drew cut the cord. The baby was alert and looking all around from the very beginning, which made Autumn and Drew very happy. The placenta was birthed, and Autumn ended up being sad about it, because she never even got to see it. The pushing lasted about 30-40 min. The entire labor was only 7 hours!
His Apgar scores were 8 and 9. Autumn didn't tear at all, just had a few skid marks. He was left alone with us for about an hour, so we could bond and introduce him to the breast, before they took him to the nursery, and Autumn ended up needing Pitocin to stop her heavy bleeding. He ended up getting the vitamin K shot, because he had some bruising, and had a hard time clotting from the heel stick. He then roomed in with them for their entire stay. Breastfeeding went really well, as he is a natural. The whole family is home now and enjoying their time alone together!
Hypnobabies really helped me relax during my pregnancy and up to transformation. It failed at that point, mostly due to the fact that Autumn had a hard time concentrating. It was totally worth it as a pain relief method though, because the only hard part was transformation. Once starting pushing, it was all downhill. I definitely plan on using it with future births.

NSFW-shows some boob. His first picture

Look at his poor conehead!

up close and personal

so cute I could eat him up!

ready to go home
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I am awaiting test results myself right now to see if I have cholestasis so I know how scary that can be. I hope you are getting back to feeling more comfortable and less itchy.
Can't wait to see pictures!
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congratulations! I hope your itching is gone now....
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Congratulations Dahlea! Way to go having a pain med free induction! I really hope that all of your itching clears up quickly! Can't wait to see pics!
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Congratulations on your little Zanthias!!! I love his name (all of it)! I'm so glad your induction went well and I hope your itching is quickly subsiding. Looking forward to pics - enjoy your babymoon!
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Yay!!! Congratulations Dahlea. Sounds like a great birth. Zanthias I'm glad your little guy is healthy and I hope all the itchiness is fading into memory! Enjoy your babymoon:
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Congratulations mama; I'm so glad the induction went well! And I'm hoping you're feeling much better now that babe is on the outside! :
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Congrats!! Hopefully the itching will start subsiding now!
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Congrats & welcome baby!
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Congrats!!! So happy everything worked out well with the induction! Enjoy your babymoon! :
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wow mama, you did great! Congratulations.
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Wooo hooo! What an amazing induction story! Congratulations, Mama! Welcome Zanthias!
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WTG Dahlea! I hope you're feeling better now. Welcome to Zanthias!
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fantastic! good job on being unmedicated mama, especially with an induction! welcome zanthias! :
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Congratulations! Is your PUPPS any better now? I love his name.
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Congrats mama!!!! Glad you got such a great induction and hopefully the pupps is gone.
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My goodness - another Oct. 13 baby! Congratulations on your arrival!
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Congrats mama! :
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Congratulations! :
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