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One day in NYC

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I'm homeschooling my 9, 5, and 20mo old kids. I'm thinking before the weather gets too yucky, we'd make a trip into NYC for the day. We live in NEPA so I was hoping to drive into NJ somewhere and take a train in. I was thinking the kids might like a museum, the library, and central park. I did this once when we lived in RI and took my oldest (he's 16 now) to some landmarks.

So, I'm looking for help with finding the right "park and ride" spot that will be safe and convenient. And some suggestions of things we could do with our limited time. Along with ideas for places to eat that won't break the bank.

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I have friends who like to drive to Metro Park, NJ and take NJTransit into the city from there, I know there is a Parking Garage there as well. But I'm not sure ofthe details.
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Another vote for Metropark. You can get info about the parking from the NJ Transit website. There's great service all day and night to and from that station, on the Northeast Corridor line. Other alternatives are Princeton Junction or Trenton. Have fun in the city!
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I recommend the Museum of Natural History. Fun for all ages and you don't have to worry about keeping your younger kids' hands off the masterpieces. Also Central Park is right outside. Unless you're really looking for an art museum, which it isn't. In which case I would suggest the Met - they love kids there but you do have to keep their hands off the art. It's also right on the park.

Museum, Library and park sounds like an awful lot for one day, especially with travel at both ends. We frequently spend the entire day in Natural History and see about a quarter of it. You might want to scale back. Or replace the museum with a sightseeing activity, like the Empire State Building.
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Don't forget about busses. If you want to go off rush hour then bus scheduals can be more accomidating sometimes.
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Thanks for the suggestions!
I was wondering if I was planning on more than we could do in one day. I wish we could stay longer. Now we've been discussing the possiblity of coming on a Saturday so that DH can come along. And maybe driving further in and getting on the actual subway at one of the last stops then riding the rest of the way in. Are fares cheaper on weekends? And I'm still having trouble figuring out what would be the most convenient place to park and ride. And safe.
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From PA you're on the wrong side of the Hudson for the subway, you would have to go all the way into Manhattan. You could get a path train in Jersey City, but the parking isn't all that great there. Pretty much by the time you hit either subways or path trains you are faved with parking problems and might as well park near the museaums. You could park on a side street in a suburban town (Teaneck, Bogota, Bergenfeild, Fortlee, Ridgewood, etc) and take a bus in. Check NJ transits scheduals.
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