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Help selling "stuff" to move and become minimalists

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Hi there,
Our fam is going to be moving across the country...again...and we want to sell most of our belongings in an effort to live more as minimalists and also so that we don't have to haul our stuff using a big gas guzzling truck.

The problem is that we can't afford to give everything away and live in a gated complex. We can't simply have a yard sale and we can't freecycle everything...even though at this point I sure wish we could for many reasons!

Does anyone have experience either because they have moved this way or because they have moved towards a more minimalistic (is that even a word?) lifestyle? If so, how did you do it? We have about one month before we leave and I figured I'd post some stuff on craigslist and created a Google sites web page to list some of our things to include the link on those listings. You know, to try to get more out of each listing. I also posted that we would have an indoor sale on Sundays and that people could email me for time slots to come. That way we can let them in through the gates at our apt complex. We're not sure how well that will go over though.

Anyway, if anyone has ideas on how we can sell quite a few of our belongings then we'd be happy to freecycle or donate the other stuff to charity. I wish I could donate it all but we simply can't afford to.

TIA for any ideas or suggestions shared!!
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Bigger ticket items you might get an add in a local Buy&Sell type paper or classified adds in a newspaper. There is also the good old fashioned printed poster on local bulletin boards. You can often find bulletin boards at grocery stores, post office, laundromats and bus stops.

Is there a local flea market you could get a table at for a weekend or two and have your "yard sale" there?

Another alternative I just remembered. A friend of mine lived way out in the boonies. She wanted to have a yard sale but didn't think many people would come all that way out. So she borrowed a friends garage in town for the weekend and had her sale there. Do you have a friend who would let you have your sale at there house so you don't have to worry about the gate?

And there is always Ebay.

As for donations, Goodwill and other thrift stores will often come and pick things up if you are donating a lot. People often arrange for them to come at the end of a yard sale and take what didn't sell.

You might find more suggestions in the Decluttering and Simplifying board.
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We love craigslist.com The great thing about it is that there is no cost to sell and people come to pick it up so you don't have to mess with shipping!
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I second all the previous recommendations. I lived in an apartment and got rid of almost everything that wasn't nailed down in an effort to go minimalist and make some money.
We sold things we knew had value on ebay and brought the rest to a flea market where we did quite well. Craigslist is probably the best idea for big items like furniture because you can tell the buyer they must come and move it out themselves.
Good Luck
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I second ebay myself. That's where my things go when we have gone through any massive downsize, especially things that are brand name, like clothes. You might be surprised at what some of that stuff sells for.
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I have spent the past year getting rid of stuff ... slowly because I have to over-analyze everything. Early in the process I had to make the decision: do I hold out and try to sell it, or do I just pass it on. I decided that the karma from blessing others would easily outweigh the financial reward of a yard sale **because I despise having yard sales**.

I hear you, though, on having difficulty with giving things away when you could really use the cash. I use ebay, craigslist, resale shops, and a local parents' group "for sale" section, for anything that truly has value. Otherwise, I sincerely believe that I will prosper financially and emotionally as a result of gifting everything else. I use freecycle for anything that is questionable, and try to donate to homeless shelters anything that I can. (actually, because I hate to drive, I don't really "deliver" many donations)

I recently heard that there is a flea market/style location in Houston for selling personal items, kind of like an off-site yard sale - I don't have the time or patience for that, but it sounds like a great way to unload big stuff.
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oh great thread! I have been contaplating a super extreme minamilstic lifestyle,by selling all of our stuff. We are also planing a big move cross the country too!
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Wanting to wish you lots of luck on your adventure!

We have moved across the country (well, more like halfway across) four times in the last 10 years. One time we moved with only what we could fit into a Volkswagen Golf. We've never sold our stuff before we left, although we did think about it...it's always been more work than it seemed worth. Instead we just donate the stuff, and it always came back to us at our new location. Maybe it's karma, or maybe we just scream "charity case" to people, who knows?

Anyway, I think that Craigslist is going to be your best bet because it's free and there's no shipping involved.
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