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Yep... it got me. I have been such a "good girl" staying in bed and resting the last week. Finally, I couldn't take it and yesterday I did some VERY light house work, swept the floor, did dishes and picked up. My dh has been a great help, but I was getting antsy. Any way, I took a long nap and woke up with a fever and horribly sore breast! I was in agony! I am just getting out of bed now, I have literally slept, nursed and pumped all day. Ugh! Take it easy new mommy's
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Bruised cabbage leaves works wonders for mastitis. I did it with my first, I remember what mastitis was like. Sending healing vibes your way.:
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oh i hope you can heal quickly! that sounds miserable! rest up and get to nursin' mama. :
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I know how miserable that can be! When DS1 was 2 weeks old I got a bout of mastitis. I was alone taking care of DD and DS1 so I called my litte brother to please come over. Lol! About all he did was keep an eye on DD while I spent the day in bed nursing DS1 as much as I possibly could - but it really helped. I took it easy for awhile though.

Hope you heal up fast - just relax in bed and enjoy your babe!
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I got some poke root tincture to take in case of mastitis this time. I got it three times with DS1, due to massive oversupply, I'm sure.
Haven't needed to try it, but here's the link.


It was relatively inexpensive. A friend also told me that the homeopathic remedy Bryonia can be effective. I know how you feel! I hope you heal fast!
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