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Amazing, quick homebirth of Matteo (pictures included!)

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I guess I can say that labour technically “started” on Thursday night – October 9 – though I didn’t really realize it. I was 37w3d and not really expecting anything to happen so soon. That night I had strong contractions every 5-6 minutes from 9:00 until 2am, and I was sure that was “it”! I fell asleep around 2 and woke up five hours later, surprised that I’d managed to sleep. I shrugged off the contractions as prodromal labour and tried not to be too disappointed. I told Dave to stay home that day – not because I was in labour, but because I was waaay too tired from being up the night before. I handed off Roman and went back to bed.

Looking back on Friday the 10th, it was the perfect last day as a family of three After I got up that morning we went to the mall to pick up some last minute homebirth stuff and for some walking to encourage the contractions back. We had a yummy lunch at the food court, did another lap and headed home. I hadn’t had anything more than what I’d call strong Braxton Hicks. We got home, got Roman down for Quiet Time and tried a more… erm… private way of getting thing going That didn’t result in anything either, so I just figured it wasn’t time and stopped stressing about it. I was so much more relaxed about it than I was at the end of my pregnancy with Roman!

After Quiet Time we headed to the waterfront. We walked around a bit, had some ice cream, saw the boats and played at the playground for awhile. Roman loved it and I am glad we had such a fantastic family day before things changed forever!

After Roman was in bed for the night we sat down for a “date night” of frozen pizza and the Sex and the City movie (yes, my hubby watched SATC with me!). We were about 45 minutes into it when I felt a trickle of fluid (it was 8:30 at this point). I figured it must have just been discharge and thought “oh, gross” but when it kept coming I ran to the bathroom. I yelled to Dave to get me a towel and told him disbelievingly, “I think my water just broke!” I couldn’t believe it had just spontaneously broke like that!

I called my midwife, Jen, to let her know. I wasn’t having any contractions yet. When she arrived at 9:10 I’d had one or two, but nothing serious and certainly not as strong as the ones the night before. She had me do the litmus test and we confirmed that my water had indeed broken. We talked about what we wanted to do, and decided that she would go home until I called her back again. With Roman’s labour I felt like a watched pot and really wanted to avoid it again. I’d discovered that I deal with contractions way better with no one around, so she went home and Dave busied himself with my list of things to do once labour started.

I set myself up on the couch (this time on Chux pads!), my laptop open to contractionmaster.com and my Hypnobabies CDs ready to go. I started timing them at 9:55pm, and they were about 5 or 6 minutes apart and fairly easy to deal with. At 10:10pm Roman woke up crying for me and I thought “Oh great, this is it. He’s going to be difficult tonight and it’ll be a disaster.” I sat in his room with him for half an hour, praying that he’d go to (and stay) asleep. Luckily my contractions weren’t requiring too much effort on my part yet, because he was insisting on me and only me! Thankfully, once he was back asleep at 10:45 he stayed asleep until 5:30 am, long after the baby was born.

At around 11:10 my contractions started getting more intense. I was sitting on the couch leaning back, and when each contraction started I’d throw my head back and breathe heavily. I was listening to my Hypnobabies tracks, and they were keeping me and relaxed between the contractions, but were pretty much useless during contractions. I couldn’t focus on her voice and my contraction at the same time, so the Hypnobabies was pushed to the backburner. The contractions were lasting 50 seconds to a minute in length. I found that when they peaked, I’d feel nauseous for a few seconds and used that feeling to talk myself down. “Okay, I’m nauseous, that means it’s almost over. I can do it.”

At about 11:45 or midnight they kicked up another notch and were now getting super hard to deal with. I was now on my hands and knees, leaning on the couch, and moaning loudly into pillows. I was trying hard to keep my noises low as I knew they would be more efficient- and they were. When I let myself get high-pitched, everything hurt more. The longer I could hold a noise, the better it felt, so I just moaned non-stop through contractions. I told Dave to call Jen and tell her they were getting intense and she should come. I also asked him to ask her when I could get into the pool. I was scared it was too early and didn’t want to hold things up (exactly what happened with Roman’s birth).


Jen arrived at 12:40. At this point my contractions had been 3-4 minutes apart for awhile and were pretty brutal. She checked me and I was “6, maybe 7” centimeters dilated. She told me the baby was still pretty high. I asked if I could get into the pool and she said I could if I wanted, but that maybe I should do some lunges to get the baby to move down a bit first. As soon as I stood up to do that, a contraction hit and I forgot about any lunges right away and ran for the pool. It felt good, but not as good as I’d hoped. I was too scared to get out, though, in case it really was helping so I stayed put.


I had a few contractions in the pool and started feeling a lot of pressure. Jen assured me that that was normal (by this point in my labour with Roman, I’d had an epidural) and that I was doing fine. Contractions were really brutal now and I was having a lot of trouble staying on top of things. Dave was wonderful this time, holding me up and encouraging me with all the right things to say. He really redeemed himself!

Looking back on it, I know I was in transition now (about 1:20 am). I was panicking with each contraction, saying I didn’t want to do it anymore. I never said I couldn’t do it- because I knew I could- just that I didn’t *want* to. The nauseous feeling at the top of each contraction was lasting longer, so I asked for a bucket because I felt like I was going to throw up. I held the bucket for about five seconds before another contraction started and I was thrown onto my side. My body started pushing all on it’s own- amazing how powerful that feels! Jen checked me and told me that I was 8 centimeters. I didn’t pay any attention to that, because I didn’t care at that point.

2 minutes later my body started pushing on it’s own again and immediately I felt the “ring of fire”. I went from 8cms to crowning in NO time! I pushed- consciously this time- and his head was born. I remember thinking while pushing “I can’t believe I’m actually pushing! I can’t believe I’m having a homebirth!” His cord was wrapped around his neck and Jen asked me to stop pushing, but I couldn’t. However, my pushing wasn’t getting us anywhere and Jen discovered quickly that his shoulders were stuck. I kept pushing but they just wouldn’t come out. I could tell things were getting serious when Jen and Lillian (the second midwife) moved my legs up and told me I needed to push HARD and NOW. I was saying “out out out baby... out baby...” and pushed with everything I had.


At 1:57 am, out he came! Only 10 minutes of pushing, four hours of active labour and hour of “hard” labour.

Jen lifted him onto my chest and right away started clamping the cord. I was confused- she knew I didn’t want immediate cord clamping- and Dave told her not to (go Dave!). I couldn’t tell in the craze of “just gave birth” but he wasn’t doing well due to the stuck shoulders and cord. They took him to the kitchen table and got him going, and brought him back right away to snuggle with mama His APGAR score at one minute was 6, and at five minutes was 9. It was a scary 20 seconds, but he was fine.


I delivered the placenta easily 7 minutes after Matteo, and Jen and Lillian helped me out of the pool and onto the couch to snuggle with my new baby. He was already rooting and looking to nurse, so I got him into position and he latched on perfectly right away. Nursing is so much easier the second time around!

I felt great. So energized and happy and not like I just gave birth! Jen, however, noticed that I was bleeding a lot. At 15 minutes after the birth, she gave my a shot of oxytocin in my leg (OUCH!). I didn’t feel faint or woozy at all, but apparently my blood loss was a concern. Half an hour later I went to the washroom to pee and passed a large clot, which we thought would help but it didn’t. After another oxytocin shot, Jen was still concerned and since my uterus wasn’t going down, told me she needed to manually remove the clots. OMG. PAIN. I squeezed Dave’s hand harder than I did while pushing. Jen couldn’t get anything, so she stopped trying. After an hour and a half and a few trips to the bathroom the bleeding slowed. I was getting annoyed with it, and the fuss it was causing, because I felt fine.


While all this was happening. Matteo was nursing nursing nursing (except for when we had to interrupt him)! I had my placenta smoothie, which tasted just like a “normal” smoothie. The midwives were concerned about Matteo’s temperature, but it turned out that the thermometer was off. I sure didn’t mind snuggling under a bunch of blankets with him, though! Dave and the midwives cleaned everything up, and we did the newborn exam where we discovered what a big boy he is- 9lbs 5oz at 37w5d!

By 4am I was exhausted and ready for bed, but Jen wanted to stick around in case I started bleeding more again. She estimated my blood loss at 500mLs, and apparently anything more than that is considered a hemorrhage. By 5am she was ready to go, so we went upstairs to get tucked into bed. Matteo was passed out after his marathon nursing session. Roman woke up then, and instead of trying to encourage him back to sleep in his bed (an ordeal), we brought him into bed with us. We stuck him between Dave and I so he wouldn’t notice Matteo (which would definitely mean no sleep!) and settled to sleep together as a family of four for the first time

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What a beautiful birth! Welcome Matteo!!
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What a beautiful story! Congrats mama!
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Wow, what a story! Thank you so much for sharing. The pictures are so beautiful, too. Welcome, Matteo!
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sniff... what a beautiful birth story!!! congrats!!
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omigosh, i have tears in my eyes from your amazing story. it kind of "brought me back" somehow to the reality that i will soon be GIVING BIRTH!!! it's just so unbelivable to me that each human life takes all this energy, effort, love, belief and strenghth to arrive into the light of the world.

it's amazing that you dilated from 8cm to full dilation in just a push or two, our bodies are crazy!

your son is breathtaking, so beautiful and what adorable red hair he has.

on a lighter note, your tub looks comfy and not "birth tubish", where did you find it and how did you keep the water warm?

oh and the placenta smoothie, do you have a recipe? how much placenta went into it? i almost hermorhaged with my son and passed a grapefruit sized clot afterwards but wasn't given any oxytocin so maybe it wasn't that bad, but still, i really want to eat the placenta for all the psycho/spiritual reasons and to prevent bleeding too much.
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what a wonderful story!! welcome little one!!

nice beads.
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Wonderful story--thanks so much for sharing!
Congratulations again!
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Just want to add, Roman and Matteo are the 2 names at the top of my boy list.
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Beautiful birth story~ Congratulations!
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what a beautiful birth. Love the pictures! congrats!!! :
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Beautiful!! What a great story & an adorable baby - congrats again! And I loved seeing our DDC's Bead Swap necklace in the photos!!
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Scares asides, it sounds as though you had a beautiful birth, you strong mama!! Congratulations on becoming a family of four : Way to go mama!!!: He is absolutely gorgeous!!

BTW, the new hair color looks lovely
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Originally Posted by arismama! View Post
on a lighter note, your tub looks comfy and not "birth tubish", where did you find it and how did you keep the water warm?

oh and the placenta smoothie, do you have a recipe? how much placenta went into it? i almost hermorhaged with my son and passed a grapefruit sized clot afterwards but wasn't given any oxytocin so maybe it wasn't that bad, but still, i really want to eat the placenta for all the psycho/spiritual reasons and to prevent bleeding too much.

The tub is just a regular kiddie pool... we bought it from mamagoddessbirthshop.com. I wasn't in it long enough to worry about keeping it warm, but with my first labour my hubby just took out bucketfuls and replaced them w/ hot water.

No specific recipe for the smoothie. After my water broke but before contractions started, I cut up pineapple, some strawberries and a nectarine (random, but it's all we had). I threw it in a bowl in the fridge, and after Matteo was born hubby threw it in the blender with a chunk of placenta. I don't know how big the chunk was, as I was busy on the couch snuggling my newbie
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What an amazing story. Welcome matteo!
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Yay Andrea! Congrats again on your big little guy!
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Lovely story! Makes me so excited about my own homebirth coming up in December. Enjoy your family time! :
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Congratulations, he is beautiful!
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What a wonderful birth story!!! He's a cutie!!

My second child's birth story is almost the exact same!! I bled a lot before the birth though and not as much after. We used the same pool and labor was only 4 1/2 hours.

I'm not in your due date club but I had to congratulate you!! I'm due in December and planning another home water birth. I hope it goes as good this time around.
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That is an awesome birth story and a gorgeous baby! I'm glad it went so well! I had a clot too and they manually removed it. I think that was almost worse than labor.
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