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Caleb is here!

Just a quick note to say my beautiful son, Caleb Altman, was born Friday May 3 at 5:15 pm. 7 lbs, 3 1/2 oz.. 20 1/2 inches long.
Labor was 16 hours, midwife was awesome! He has a head of curly black hair. DH helped catch him and cut the cord. Absolutely the most amazing day of my life. Longer birth story to come!
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Yay Asherah! That's awesome!!! I know you were the one who started the post, Out! Out! Out! and boy, I can relate!

Welcome Caleb!
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Congratulations Asherah!
Welcome baby Caleb Altman!!

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Eve Mary was born on 4/21. We had planned this wonderful home birth, but Eve had other plans. After 32 hours of labor at home following my membranes rupturing, we transferred to the hospital. A sonogram revealed that Eve was transverse. The OB tried a manual version and then we ended up with a c-section. Although it's not what we had planned, babies can't come out sideways and we felt very thankful for the medical intervention. There would have been a time that both of us would have died. The beauty of the whole process was that we felt in control of the decions the entire time and we have a beautiful, healthy baby girl.
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Tess Clara Ruddy is finally here. She made her debut about a week late and arrived on May 1st. She was 9lbs. 4oz and 22 inches long. We had quite the long labor -30 hours- and had ultimately planned to go natural. However, 27 hours into it we, both mom and babe, needed a little help with the laboring process. I have to say that even though our birth did not go as planned it was still a wonderful experience and our midwife was spectacular. My husband and I felt totally in control of our experience. Well, we are loving breastfeeding and cosleeping. take care all. jen, ken, and tess
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Congratulations mammas! Welcome Eve and Tess!
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5 weeks early!

I have had my babie! I had a big spike in my BP and it all ended in a C section and a wonderful little girl.

Samantha Lea
4 lbs 13 oz
11: 26 pm
home 5/10/02

I am very happy, and we are working on BF.
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wow, wishful - sounds like it could have been scary, 5 weeks early. CONGRATULATIONS! and welcome, Samantha Lea!

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Welcome little daughter

After a long long labor, I am so very grateful to announce the birth of our first child. Welcome to the world our little girl. Aviva Lauren was born
03:08 am Sunday, May 5th. 8lbs. .2oz. 20.5 inches

The dawn never looked so bright.
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Congratulations Wishful and Ponoma on your first babies!

Glad to hear everything is ok with your early babe Wishful. Look forward to your birth story Ponoma.
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Congratulations on the new babes!
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Welcome Jake Bryan to the world!!
11 lb 5oz
Hospital w/midwife
05/13/02 12:24am
4 1/2 hours labor (1 1/2 pushing)

posted birth story on hipmommas thread!
thanks for all the support!!
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OMG Island girl, an 11 pound VBAC, I'm so impressed! Welcome Jake Bryan!!!
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Welcome, Jake Bryan! and Islandgirl - wow that is so awesome. Can't wait to read your story!

Now the adventure truly begins... !

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he's here!

Hey everyone! Baby is finally here! Evan was born on May 20th. It was a 44 hour labor for me, still trying to process what happened, so birth story to follow after some time. We're all healthy, happy, and tired!
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serenity, i have been feeling too sorry for myself and my 30 hr labor to post, now i feel silly!! 44 hours--my god!
evalie carolyn was born mother's day, 5:46 pm, 7 pounds 10 ounces. i started off at the birthing center, but had to get transported to the hospital. it was pretty hairy.... has been hard for me to process emotionally.
but, she is fine and beautiful! breastfeeding was a nightmare the first week but now we're getting the hang of it.
i'd love to swap stories, serenity, when you're ready! maybe we can help each other get over it!! :
congrats on your baby!!!!!!!
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Congrats Island girl, serenity, and maryann!!!

mary ann & island girl:

I had a 36 hour labor (plus a day of mild labor) that started out as a home birth, but ended as a hospital transfer. It's taken me awhile to process as well. I still haven't posted my birth story and Myles was born in March. I'd love to swap stories with both of you when you're ready.
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I didn't even know about othering.com during my pregnancy with #3, but since I am now posting on other boards like "life with Babe" and "Breastfeeding", I thought I would annnounce my child's birth...

Our third child, a boy was born May 19, 2002 in the comfort of his family's home with the assistance of a mid wife and a doula!
Jude Lucas
7 pounds, 9 ounces
23 inches!!

Oh yes, his birth was the easiest of the three, only 12 hours form start to finish. The only complication was that he was breach... but it worked out, he came into this world sucking his thumb.
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welcome to the world Jude Lucas!

congratualtions busymommy3. Sounds like you had a beautiful birth.
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It's a boy!!!

Jonah Pacu
26 May 2002
6:05 am
9lb 4oz
21 in

My fourth home birth. Fast and Intense. My wonderful midwife handled the cord around neck and under both arms beautifully. She had to unroll him after delivery to hand him to me. No tears either. He is my biggest baby but so beautiful. Our older 3 slept through my labor (amazing!) and immediately after he started crying we could hear Eva (6) and Eliza (2) saying "It's a baby" . They came running in so excited. Noah (4) slept for another 30 minutes but was just as excited when he came in to meet his brother.

Congratulations to all the new mammas!! It is a wonderful journey to experience. It is new everytime!

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