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I also had a 9lb.4 ouncer!! Skylar was born on May 15, at home, with a midwife attending. His birth story is posted on the homebirth board, if anyone's interested!
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Congratulations Chumani and Candiland

Welcome Jonah Pacu and Skylar Jupiter!!!

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Stella was born on Thursday June 6th, at 6:39pm- 8lbs 10oz, 20 1/2 inches long, healthy little girl.
We went in at 11am to have the water broken in hopes of starting labor (already 4cm dilated and 80%effaced) . By 4pm, I hadn't progressed much, just another cm. So we decided to try pitocin because we really wanted baby that day. A speedy 2 hours and 40 minutes later, Stella was born, no
problems (no tears, pain meds, hemorrhage, etc...). The midwife barely made it in to catch her.
p.s. whoever wrote in those books that newborns don't understand hunger or have much of an appetite never met this baby gal....
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Our Waterbaby is Here!
Kerianne Marie
Born at home in the tub
June 13 ~ 4:07pm - One day before her due date
8 pounds 8 ounces 20 1/2 inches long
How wonderful to have a little girl after having 2 adorable boys!
My waterbirth story is posted on the homebirth boards if any of you care to read.

Keri & Kerianne
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My baby is FINALLY here! A boy, David Alexander. He was born on June 17th, at home, at 3:41pm.....11days late. 10 lbs 15 ozs (ouch!!!) and 22 1/2 long. Birth story to follow when I have time!
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13 days longer in the oven than expected.... Luka Stephen was born on 6-19 after a quick but intense 4 1/2 hour labor. He weighed 7 lbs 3 oz and was 20 in long. Lots of dark hair, long nails and peeling skin. We had a beautiful natural birth in the hospital birth center with great assistance from our midwife, labor nurse and jacuzzi. Big 3 yr old brother Devin decided today that we could "keep" him!
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Fiona Mary is here. She arrived on 6/28/02 at 4:13 am. She weighed 8lbs 7.4 oz and was 20 1/2 inches. She came six days early after an incredible 2 1/2 hour labor. More details to follow. She's waking now and needs to nurse. Patti
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Christina Marie is finally here! She was 2 weeks "overdue" & I was starting to wonder if she liked it in there too much! After castor oil & a 5 hour labor, here she is, in all her glory! I was expecting a 7 1/2 lb. baby & got a 9 lb. 4 oz. baby!!! We are SO amazed! She is nursing beautifully & is such a pleasent baby! She is so alert!

We got to have our home/water birth & I'll post my birth story after I'm through processing it & when I have the time. Right now, I'm nursing at the computer & typing is slow.
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Baby Niels

My baby, Niels, finally arrived on July 2, 12 days past his due date. I posted on a thread below where I was asking about induction, but I figured I'd post here too. I declined all kinds of induction and went into labor on my own at 4:30 am, and my little man was born 17 hours and 15 minutes later, with only 30 minutes of pushing, and a very minimal tear that didn't even require stitches!

If you would like to read my whole birth story, it is here:

And pictures of my new little one are here:
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Van Vincent was born on July 10....the birth was beautiful, but not at all what we planned. I labored at home in the tub until the contractions were 3 minutes apart and 60-90 seconds. We went to the hospital where I was told I was 6cm and paper thin. I got in the shower and stayed there for about 6 hours standing. I progressed to 10cm they said and it was time to push...I pushed for 3 hours with all my might and no progressiion,..then I was told I was only 4cm! Well, I got back in the shower and I was so shaky from all the pushing and I was so dehydrated becuase I couldn't keep anything down and they never gave me an IV....Then, Van flipped and was posterior and I had horrible back pain. Now, they were talking about a c-section! Well, I knew I could do this, but was so exhausted.. I opted for the epidural and within minutes was fully loaded(something I did not want).. I rested and within 5 hours was really 10 cm, pushed for 1 hour and he was born. Although I wanted natural..I was happy I delivered vaginally and didn't tear..plus, most importantly, my precious, healthy, baby boy is in my arms.
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Isabelle Daisy was born at home on July 18th at 12:45 AM after a 2 and a half hour labour. (Ihad always hoped for a short albour but found it terrifying). Her dad, grandma, big sister and 2 of my friends watched her enter this world into the loving hands of amazing midwives. We are all well!
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ZACHARY JAMES has arrived!!!

Zachary James was born on

July 26, 2002 @ 8:14

8lbs 13oz

21 inches long

Born Via C-sec (more details later) non-emergent, but necessary

Zachary is in the NICU right now, and we are repacking to go be with him.

He WILL be fine...he's not in critical danger, but he does need special attention. I will put up more details later.

You can see ALL the pics that have been taken since his birth at http://kathrynwilson.hopto.org

Thanks for your prayers and support!

Katie, Matt and Zachary James
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Right on time!

Baby Ruby came on July 7th, right on her due date! She was born in the tub at the birthcenter. It was a quick, beautiful 5 hour labor with no intervention. Loved it, love her. 8lbs, 9oz.
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He is here!!! Our little boy arrived Aug 1 at 6:35 am. My labor was 3 hours long!!!!!!! We barely made it to the birthing center to deliver this baby - it was a very wild ride, indeed.

We decided on Levi Sawyer. He was 9 lbs and 21.5 inches long. He is nursing like he is supposed to and we are all VERY excited to be with him.

More later.

Peace Jen
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Ava Saige arrived around 10:30 pm on july 30th!
it was a very hard labor and ended in c-section, but i know it was the best choice since she was in distress... plus i did all i could to have a natural birth. she is absolutely beautiful and we are just in awe of our baby girl. congratulations mommas i hope you're enjoying your babies as much as i am.
lots of love. sarah
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Baby beane was born at home in the tub at dawn on July 31, 2002. She weighed 9 lbs 8 oz and 22 inches, which everyone says is big but she is my tiny beane.
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Mom2five is now Mom2six!

I had a baby boy this afternoon! 8lbs 2 oz, 21 in. 3 hour labor (a long one for me!), born in the tub. Whahoo!
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Our little boy, Tage Philip, came into the world at 8:43pm on Tuesday, August 13, 2002. He weighed 8 pounds 2 ounces, and measured 21 inches long.
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Congratulations to all! Isn't it grand!?! My little babe is almost 6 weeks old now. She's such a joy! It's so neat to see all these babies announced here! Amazing...isn't it!?!

I'm so in love.....
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Took me awhile to get here & post this, but here's the official announcement

He's finally here!
Zennan Alexander Perkins
Born August 12, 2002 via c-section @ 12:27 pm
Weighed 10 lbs even (!!!)
22 inches long
Sweet, healthy, happy, and completely gorgeous
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