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I just delivered my 8 pound, 13 ounce bundle of joy - Isabel Eva - yesterday (Friday, November 22) at 1:11pm. Started contractions at 11pm Thursday evening (slept through them, I thought I was dreaming! LOL), got to the hospital at 7am, water broke at 11am, epidural around noon, pitocin at 12:30pm, pushed for 17 minutes - both of us remained intact! Who could ask for more?!?

We came home this afternoon to two VERY loving big sisters (their first fight - "it's my baby, no mine!" is on video tape

That's all for now, I feel pretty good, but tired!

Lots of love from a happy mommy!
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Saffron Elizabeth was born last Wednesday 11/20 at 6:07 p.m. she was 9lbs 15 oz. I was with dd#1 at playgroup and voicing concerns because Md. had suggested inducing because I was experiencing a lot of swelling (no high bp or protein in urine) and because he suspected the baby was quite big. 1st birth was all natural except for episiotomy and I wanted the same again. We went home, had lunch and I put dd down for her nap. My water broke as I stood up from rocker. 41/2 hours later with the help of a wonderful midwife who allowed me complete control of my delivery I delivered Saffron -- no meds, no tears, no incisions. It was wonderful. With dd #1 the md came into the room as she was crowning--almost missed all the action-- and insisted I roll over from the forward leaning squat I was in onto my back and then "coached" my pushes. Performed episiotomy without consulting me 1st & with no other intervention (massage etc.. )attempted. This time I stayed in the position I wanted, pushed when and how my body told me and the midwife helped prevent tearing.
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Lily's Home Waterbirth Story

Active labor began as I was leaving the grocery store with mom, Grace, and the Thanksgiving turkey, among other things Contractions began at 3:45 or so, 3 minutes apart and peaking after about 35-45 seconds. I got in the door to the house and called my midwife, and she came over about 45 minutes later. She checked me, water still intact, and dilated to 6 cm or so. I labored on my hands and knees for a while, tucking my tush and tightening my abs as I did pelvic rocks and cat stretches.. arching my back felt really good as I tightened my tush and abs, not sure why. Needed something to releive the tailbone pressure! Then I got on the birthing ball awhile wheer Sonya applied counterpressure to my knees, pushing towartd my back, and my mom applied heat from a rice sock. Then I got brave and stood through a few, hanging onto the fridge a while (was bigger than me and could support my weight. I was rocking and swaying my hips and moaning through contractions. Rob, Audrey, Sonya, and my mom finished setting up and filling the birth tub in my kitchen, and I decided to get in. (Audrey is my midwife, Sonya is her friend and the childbirth assistant/doula). Audrey said later that she thinks I went from 6 to 10 in the two contractions that I stood for and the first contraction I had in the tub. But she never checked me again.

I hadn't been in more than about 5 minutes when I started feeling the urge to push, but I tried to hold out for a while... not stopping what my body was doing, but also not helping the pushing. I spent so much effort pushing Grace out that I wanted my body to be pushing before I began exerting the effort to help. . I was on my hands and knees for a while, then I got on my bottom in the tub, and sorta lifted my hips up and swayed as I moaned. My body started pushing during every contraction, and I just went with it, hanging back sometimes, pushing sometimes. She was out in about 8 pushes, totalling 20 minutes.

Her name is Lillian Hazel, and she was born after 3 hours and 50 minutes of active labor. She weighs 9 lbs 4 oz and is 21 3/4 inches long. Two pounds heavier and 2 inches longer than Grace was. I have the same small tear as last time, 2 stitches worth, even though her head was 14 1/4 inches around!!

It was fantastic, quick, intense, and hard work!! She's a little lamb though, so sweet, very quiet, and sleepy, and has already latched on and gotten some good colostrum! She seems to know exactly how to nurse, and is rarely frustrated, if she's not sure she wants to nurse, she will just mouth and lick my nipple.

Thanks for your positive thoughts and support and prayers! Feather, where are you, honey?!!! *HUG*

Jeni, Rob, Grace, and Lily!
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What a beautiful birth story! Enjoy your new arrival.
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Lily Picture Link

in the Lily album

We have video of the waterbirth, and will get some still pictures off of it when we get a chance. What a wonderful experience we had, and its so fun to have a place like mothering to share it!
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It's a girl! Born at home at 12:32 pm Sunday the 24th. Two day's after my birthday.

Nursing in arm's now. I'll write more later.
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I envy you both your wonderful homebirths! Welcome Mamarosa's little one.
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Congratulations!! ging-ging

She is beautiful!! I love how filled out she is, she weighs the same as my last ds!

Thank you for sharing your beautiful story!

Congratulations to Mamarosa!! Can't wait to hear the story!!

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Caution: language

I posted this in 'talk amongst yourselves', when I got more time. For allyou who come here for birth stories, here's mine:

She's a girl (I thought so, but didn't do an ultrasound, so...). Born at home on Sunday the 24th, two days after my birthday, 10 days after her supposed 'due date'. I guess she wanted to be a Sagitarius! My partner is a Leo, and ds was born 'late' to become a Leo. I'm born right on the cusp of sag. and scorp., and now dd is just two days after me. Kind of funny... a well balanced mix I guess.)

Anyway, labour was 12 hours from complete start to finish. A huge relief from the 32 hours with ds!
My god, having kids is painful! Why do we do it?! Oh, yeah, cause they're sooooo sweet!
She was born into the pool in the kitchen with the woodstove keeping us warm. My midwife really had to talk me back into the pool, cause I was in the bathroom during the end of labour. When I suddenly couldn't not push, I didn't think I'd make it to the kitchen! She was urging me to walk, and I yelled something like: " You can't make me do anything but push, here, now! (I yell a lot during labour! Poor ds, in the living room while mom screams "God Damned Mother Fucker, Get this thing out!!!"
But I managed to hobble to the kitchen with dd crowning. Glad I did, 'cause I was able to watch her come out into the water, holding her head, then pull her up to me after the final push. Only four pushes to get her out! (two in the bathroom!)
No tearing this time! woo hoo! With ds I had this wierd tear where a piece of skin was still attached in between two tears.
Ds was there to watch her come out, and was just beaming when I looked at him after she was in my arms. He's getting pretty attached. He was sucking on her fingers yesterday!? And likes to talk to her with this sweet little voice, and his face right up close to hers. AAwwwh Geeezz, my kids!
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welcome to the three little girls born !!! Saffron , Lillian, and Baby Girl to Mamarosa!!!!

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Just reading all the birth stories and wanted to share mine...

Mason was born at home on 11/03/02 a day before his "due date"...can't believe he's already a month old!

He was 11lbs 8oz (yes, that's correct), 22 inches long. The homebirth was great, contractions easy all the way to about the last two when he somehow turned posterior (well, easy contrx compared to my last induced/no pain meds birth). Pushed for an hour and a half in every position imagineable (normally I push 10-15 mins) due to his position and size. Ten hours start to finish. I did tear, but right along my old episiotomy scar (damn those docs!) and it was only 1st degree, no stitches.

Congrats to all the new mamas and welcome to those glorious babes!
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Persephone Ann was born December 1 at 7:54 pm!! She was 7 lbs 12 oz and 21 inches long. She was born at home after a 72 hour labor with NO complications! She is perfect and beautiful!! I have NEVER been so happy! Back to the baby now, I won't be posting for a bit!!

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Hello everyone!!

Ava Alexandria greeted the world in a rush of excitement on December 4th 2002 at 5:20ish PM. (nobody thought to look).
She was born 3 weeks before her due date, weighed 7#4 oz, was 21" long.

My contractions started around 1:30. I had been cleaning out an awkward closet and assssumed they were just from being in a strange position. So I dismissed them. By 3:30 they appeared to be regular but not painful so I called my midwife to find out about some lab work (GBS) and she suggested I come in a little early (I had a prenatal appointment at 5:30) to get checked and discuss treatment (my GBS results were positive) so I wouldn't have to make a descission at the last minute. We got there around 5 thinking we still had hours ahead of us. Again I was just barely crampy. Nothing I don't live with daily when I have my period. She checked me and accidently broke my water. No biggie though because the baby was still really high up and I was only dialated to a 7. At least an hour or two we thought (based on my other two very similar labors) We decided to go ahead and try to get a round of antibiotics into apease the ped so I could get out of there as quickly as possible and she went to grab a wheel chair (i was still draining at a pretty good rate so they were just going to push me over to the hospital) By the time she got back ((a minute or two ) My contractions were overwhelming and I was pushing. 3 contractions later Ava was out, the first baby to be born at the clinic ever It was a little panicy because she didn't make such a smooth transition ad wouldn't breath. There was nothing to suction her with and no O2. Eventually she started to pink up but still wouldn't take in a big breath (turns out that when she gets mad she holds her breath and only breaths when she has too. Must have been a little upset about being thrust into the world so quickly and probably in pain ) Her arms, hands and face were bruised and her collar bone broken. She came out with her hand crossed in front of her face. thanks to the skillful hands of my midwife she came out quickly and in an awkward position without so much as a scratch on me. My midwife was also great about making it seem like she just did this sort of thing everyday. Like delivering babies wihtout anysort of preperation on her office floor was quite normal made me feel a lot more comfortable. We ended up staying in the hospital for almost a full 48 hours but since I had such a fun birth story the nurses treated me like a princess (so long as I would relate the details to them).
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He's Here!!!

I thought it would never happen....but I finally had my baby...on Dec 2nd at 8:35pm Tristan Todd Andrew was born in water in our dining room!!! After 18hrs of labour and about 2 hrs of pushing he came fast and furious with his fist beside his face (ouch) .... he is just beautiful (with a full head of hair)and loves his big brother Jack and "the boob" the best of all!! He was 8lb 14 oz and was already up to 9lb 2 oz this past Tues!!

CONGRATULATIONS to all the new moms here!!!

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Julian Elijah was born on December 1st at 10:20 a.m. I had been in labor about 5 hours. Really didn't get too heavy until transition. Was in the tub at 8:40 and started pushing by 9:45. I got real hot in the tub and almost got out, but I really wanted him to be born underwater, so I stayed in. I am sooo glad! His head was out and his hair was so long it just floated around underwater. His big ole shoulders got stuck and it took the midwife a minute and a half to work them out. Only a minor tear, though! It was such a blessing to have a birthing like this after our first had so many complications. And ended with our son being rushed to nicu, and us not being able to hold him for a week. This birth was healing for us, and allowed us to have the experience we had expected 2 years ago.

Julian weighed 9lbs.15.8 oz. 21 inches. Two weeks have passed, and we are feeling so blessed and happy and tired and excited and in love!!

Welcome to Mason, Ava, Tristan, and Persephone!
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I had my baby girl 12/7. I was the one with the 46cm fundus and 7 cm dilated for a week. My water broke at 2 am. My midwife
and 3 assitants came over as my labour started almost right away.
I alternated going into the jacuzzi as it was really painful with
contractions right on top of each other. I was 9cm dilated but with a bit of anterior lip which we couldn't get rid of. I started
crowning and that was when my midwife realized that the baby
was really big and was starting to get stressed since after pushing for 2 hours, which for a 3rd time mom is a long time, my
midwife suggested we get to the hospital.
We got there about 7:30 and she was born at 8:09 am. She was
11 lbs 14 oz!!! She also had severe shoulder dystocia and it was
pretty scary since they could not get her out. Her head was out
for 3 min before they got the rest of her out. So I ended up with
a major episiotomy. So much for the beautiful home birth that
I envisioned.
We named her Greer Easton and she is perfect after such a
scary traumatic entrance into the world.
Thanks for everyones support.

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congratulations to lisa and greer!

Blessings! I'm glad that baby finally got here and you are both well. I hope your healing from the episiotomy is speedy and not too painful. I will be thinking cooling soothing tissue repairing thoughts your way! I guess that fundal height didn't have anything to do with polyhydramnios.... but everything to do with a really big baby girl! and it sounds like even though you made the decision to transport, you have a great outcome, that is wonderful.

wishing you and baby and the rest of the family all the best,

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I should have posted three weeks ago but here goes:

Jackson Andrew was born on November 27, 2002 at 3:06 pm.

He weighed in at 8 lbs 5 oz and was 20 1/2 inches long.
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He's Here!

Starting out with an unexpected ambulance ride to the hospital trying hard not to push because we waited just a little too long at home (I guess we should have taken a class that taught how to time contractions, but the Birthing From Within based class we took was great for the labor!).

After the CNM met us in L&D, it was less than 30 minutes before Pierce made his way into the world (it took a while to get started pushing again).

born 12/21/02, at 1:28pm, he was 7 lbs. 1 oz, 19 3/4" long. Everything checked out fine. We went home in less than 24 hours and things are going well so far!
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i'm late in announcing, but zoe jasmine was born december 8, 10:55 am. my full story is on the nov/dec thread, but in brief, it was a great delivery, no meds, a wonderful doula, about 4 hours labor. she was 3 weeks early, so a big smallish (perhaps contributing to the ease in getting her out!), 6 lb 14 oz, 20 inches. she's amazing, so sweet, almost never cries, nursed from 5 minutes post birth, and 3 year old big brother is so enamoured...to think the main hesitation in having another baby was concern about him, and he's her biggest fan, and that's still the case at 5 weeks of age...woke up this morning and said "i love the baby, pull down her blanket so i can see her whole body". how cute is that?
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