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newly expecting mom alone in NEPA

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I lived for the last five years in Asheville, NC and I never considered having my first child in rural Pennsylvania. That is, however, where I am. It is early in my pregnancy and I have ample time to figure out how I am going to combine the limited resources available to best suit my desire of having a natural pregnancy. Eventhough I have time, I feel a little anxious at the immediate and apparent lack of resources relating to a holistic pregnancy and childbirth. As I began to question people about the local available resources, the genral response seemed to be, "umm....the hospital? What else is there" and one person even said "I dont know what you mean, like Kids R Us, only organic?" I didnt even know what to say back.

With my limited immediate choice, I visited the 5th floor of the local clinic, where the OB/GYN floor is. A dozen or more expecting mothers, sitting three seats apart with their noses burried in some mainstream parenting magazine. No connection, whatsoever. I cannot imagine my pregnancy and the milestones throughout it marked by the impersonal, clinical feeling of the inside of that hospital. I have seen three family practicioners, who are also OBs and they all kinda look at me wildeyed, as if to be wondering where exactly I have come from. Ithaca is close, an hour's drive and Watkins Glen's Storks Landing Birthing Center is also about an hour away. I wonder about having to travel that distance. Actually, I wonder about everything right now.

Anyone expecting, conscious-minded mamas in the area, please help!
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Moving you to PA
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i live in nepa north of scranton. there is a midwife up here who does homebirths.

its alot different than asheville, if i new you were comming i woulh have traded houses with ya. haha

there are alot of crunchies up here. did you go to everything natural in clarks summit.
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hang in there, honey - you are feeling the right feelings, and just keep following them! Homebirth is AWESOME - if you can find you a homebirth midwife, you are SET. It is worth everything. Keep reaching out - there are other resources you could try - Holistic Moms Network? La Leche League? Attachment Parenting International? Local Meetup.com groups? KEEP SEARCHING and you'll find what you need.
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I have a vague idea where you are, I think. Out in Bradford or Sullivan co? There was a mw there who just moved. There are others out the other side of Scranton but may travel that far; one of them is on here and will probably pop in here. Possibly the Ithaca midwives will come to you. There is a doula in your neck of the woods also; she would know what the closest resources to you are.

Please feel free to join us at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/nepabirth/
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PMed you. You do have options other than the hospital.
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Where are you? I am near Towanda (Bradford county). Come join us at http://twintiers.momslikeme.com and we'll see who knows how to help you find what you want in our area. Yes, it is limited, but hopefully we can help you find something that would work for you. Schuyler in Watkin's Glen does have a "birthing center" if you are outside the range for Jenmidwife who I think goes as far as Leraysville (I saw she PMed you). You'll also want to connect with http://groups.yahoo.com/group/chemung_valley_chat which is the La Leche League mamas and they are very helpful, too. There is a cloth diapering mama in Elmira http://beebabottoms.com and a play group that meets in Waverly (Waverly Parent Resource Center) where you will also find some baby-wearing, cloth-diapering mommies who can help you. You're not alone, feel free to PM me and I'll give you a call, if nothing else but to help you feel a little less alone. I am a "NEPA newbie" aka "flatlander". I've been up here for 5 years and the first 3 I was almost suicidal I was so lost and lonely, but hey, I think I've finally adjusted (except for the nervous twitch
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