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Belly measurement

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At my appt today my belly measured 37, when I'm 34 wks, 5 days. I've had two ultrasounds, and both times they said it looked like I was measuring 2 wk ahead. Both ultrasounds were "late" (24 wks and 26wks) so they didn't change my due date officially. I was charting to avoid, so I have my LMP written down. just wondering how accurate that who belly measurement thing is. I understand there's a window of normal, but iI don't know what that is, lol.
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Ive never measured large but with this pregnancy and DD I measured behind. With DD they were so sure I was going to have a small baby (I was measuring three weeks behind) and she was 8lbs 9ozs born on her due date. With this one Im measuring a week behind.
Measurements can very ALOT from what Ive been told depending on how the baby is laying, how you are carrying etc. So I dont think they are that accurate.
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I consitently have measured large since 33 weeks, between 2-3 weeks ahead. My midwife is not worried, as long as it is consistent.
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With this baby at 32 weeks I was measuring 38. We know by ultrasound at 30 weeks he was already 4 pounds.

From what I've read and been told, +/- 2 is normal. A lot less would probably be more concerning (meaning maybe screening for IUGR would be indicated), and a lot more might be concerning, depending on HOW MUCh more.

But in your case, it sounds like you are really measuring just 2 cm ahead, which is well within the range of normal.
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My MW doesn't even do belly measurements- many don't. Which makes me think they're probably not that accurate in terms of diagnosing some kind of problem. I'm sure your little one is fine!
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I measured 2 cm ahead my last appt and I'm not concerned at all. Totally normal.
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I was measuring exactly on track until 36 weeks, when I measured 39. At 37 weeks I measured 40 weeks, and I had my baby a couple of days later!

I think the "normal" range is 2cm on either side of how many weeks you are (so at 34 weeks it'd be 32-36 cm). But of course it all depends on how the baby is positioned. It's certainly not an exact science.
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Also depends on how much amniotic fluid you have. I am 37 weeks and measuring 36, but with DS I was measuring 35 weeks at 31 weeks and it was because I had a lot of fluid.

I don't think it's all that accurate... I mean how to you account for women who have shorter or longer torsos or a bit more belly fluff.
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I could have written this post myself. I am 34wks 3day, however, I am measuring 40 weeks. I was measuring right on target until 2 weeks ago.They did an ultrasound last week and baby was measuring about 38 weeks. I've been having ALOT of pain (like sobbing, crying pain). I went to doctor today and he is very concerned. Protein and glucose is spilling into my urine and my bp is very high.

Are you having any symptoms that may be a concern?
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i wouldn't be concerned unless you have a big jump. as in like 3-4 weeks off all of a sudden. Or if you are having other problems.
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I am a little concerned bc at my appt on Thursday, my BP was up, swelling was up (pitting edema in my feet to halfway up my legs, but nowhere else), and had a little protein in my urine (+1, or whatever it is right past "trace" on the dipstick thingy, I don't remember the exact #).
And I've been measuring belly wise on track as far as I know. It was not a happy visit. I have to go back Monday to see if there's any changes. Dp and are going out of town for 3 days next week but I'm stressing about getting stuck on bedrest. Haven't felt a single thing I would think are BH or "true" contractions.
I don't want this baby to come before they're ready, but now I think I don't want her/him to come yet bc I'm not ready, lol.
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I just had an appt Sat. I was 37w 5day and measured 41wks+!!

SO I feel your pain mama, and I know the exact date he was conceived on, so the EDD is right on in my case

Just did a belly cast tonight, good gracious, I have one big ol'belly
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hi soulunbound,
whatever 'normal' is can fool them too!

my ds was 2 pounds lighter than forecast (he was 'only' 8pounds 9 ounces as opposed to the 10 pounds forecast....)

stay healthy and don't stress over numbers!

if you are into crazy numbers, try measuring AROUND your belly. i am four feet around. no wonder i feel like a weeble.
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