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Tell me about OKC!

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Hello mamas. Just found out (very short notice) that we might be moving to OKC in January. My husband has a very good chance of going to nursing school at OKC University. We currently live in Houston.

While I've been to OK plenty (his family lives in Tulsa), I have never been to OKC. I know NOTHING about it. Literally.

What we're going to be needing is finding a place to rent (cheap as possible, but not slummy) in town. I don't mind going small-- I just don't need rats, roaches and drug dealers.

I'm not seeing tons online...and am kind of unsure where to look. Does anyone know of any areas near OKCU that are decent places to lease?

Tell us anything you know...I feel totally clueless and would love any info.
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Do you want to be very close to the university, or is dh willing to commute? If he wants to be close, stay on the north side of campus (like north of 30th, west of Pennsylvania), definitely away from south of campus. There are pockets of good neighborhoods around there, but most of them are historical neighborhoods. There are pockets of good neighborhoods around south OKC as well, but I don't know them very well and I know that they tend to 'move' based on tenants and such.

Personally, I would drive from Bethany or Warr Acres, which really isn't very far, a five to ten miles west of campus, maybe north a bit. They are generally inexpensive but not scummy We live in Norman, and it's REALLY nice, alternative college town, lots of AP moms, homeschoolers, etc. It is more of a drive, 30 minutes or so, but living in Moore (which is halfway between OKC and Norman) might be a good compromise, plus Moore is less expensive than Norman, but nicer than the part of OKC that the uni is in.

I'm blathering because I've barricaded myself in my bedroom and I'm wanting to talk to adults. Soooo. If I've confused you, that's fair, let me know. The great thing about the area north of the campus is that it's really multicultural and there are lots of Asian and Hispanic markets, restaurants and such. No good malls lol!
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North side? Okay. I saw something online just yesterday on the N side...so that's hopeful.

It is scary moving somewhere you don't know anything about (though we're planning on visiting next week it looks like) and you know how it is...you just want to find someplace nice enough for your family.

I have to say, I'd LOOOOOOVE to live in a little cute old house, but considering he won't be bringing in any $ during his work....a cute little cardboard box might be closer to it.

Oh, and yes, closer would probably be better-- we're a one car family and he likes to ride his bike to work...err, school. Norman sounds awesome-- just like something I'd love, but that drive would be killer!


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Cardboard box. . .that is funny! I grew up in OKC and have lived in Texas since college. After living in Austin and now in Abilene, I can honestly say that the cost of living in OKC is much cheaper. It is nothing like traveling in Houston!

My brother goes to OCU and lives north, off of May and Memorial. It is really nice area with good restaurants, a nice mall, and a few grocery stores and he lives in a really nice town house (1450 sq ft, bought for $110K!). It takes 15-20 min to commute to the university. My parents live in Yukon, also pretty cheap but much more country-ish. We grew up in Bethany. It is a nicer established area, but is getting a little more 'worn' IMO. Moore/Norman is also wonderful.
There are some cute little houses near the university but it will most likely take a good realtor to know more about the specific neighborhoods/streets that are nice and safe.

I hope that helps!
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Hi! We live just 2 miles from OCU and LOVE where we are. We live in an historic neighborhood, but have a small 2 bed/1 bath home. I know for a fact that there are several apartments, duplexes, and small homes around here for a good price. We live in Heritage Hills which has one of the best elementary schools in the state, it is a partner school with the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts.
You can also try Mesta Park, Jefferson Park, Paseo (the local arts district/colony), and Putnam Heights. Crown Heights and Edgmere Heights are nice and pricier. There is an area between NW 36th & NW 50th and Western & Classen. Some streets are a bit more "worn" than others, but generally it's an inexpensive area with a great elementary school (Horace Mann). I'm not sure what your price range is, but there is also Midtown, but those apartments and lofts tend to be on the pricier side for OKC. Oh and there is Classen Tower and of course tons of new places downtown which would put your hubbie just about 2 miles from OCU, but EASILY accessible via bicycle.

Good Luck!
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I used to live in OKC (and realllly miss it!). The previous poster's listing of neighborhoods is right on. Those are fantastic neighborhoods to live in that are really close to OCU and very safe. You will be amazed at the cost of living in OKC -- sooo cheap. Years ago, when going to OCU, I rented small houses/duplexes in both Mesta Park and Heritage Hills -- both very safe neighborhoods with great personalities. Lots of families. Also, the areas directly surrounding OCU, especially North of 23rd Street, between Penn and Classen, have a ton of duplexes and small houses for rent. That is a safe area and within walking distance, especially of the nursing school. I also owned a house in the Shepherd historical district -- located about a mile from OCU -- it's just West of Penn and includes 25th Street up through 36th Street. North of 36th Street, it becomes a bit patchy where some streets are just fine and others are definitely NOT. The great thing about any of the historical neighborhoods is that their associations and security are all really good, so you feel safe even if your neighborhood is next to a not so safe area. I hope this info helps -- good luck!
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ditto to Desperate Housewife regarding safety and lots of families!
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yay you OKC'ers. It's been years since i lived south of 23rd and Shepard's Mall (back when it really was a mall) and it wasn't bad when we were there, but last time we drove through the neighborhood it was a little scary.
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You might also consider the Village between 63rd and britton rd around penn ave, (just not too close to western (sorry if that offends anyone)), not too far from OCU and a nice part of town. There are always lots of houses for rent in the older neighborhoods. Its hard to gauge OKC, there are splotches all over town you wouldn't want to live in and they can be just a couple miles from somplace thats not bad.
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