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Does your child drinks water?

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I ask because Jack only drinks milk and juice all day long, lots of it. I've tried giving him water a couple of times to create the habit, but he refuses to drink it and gets MAD! I know both juice and milk have a lot of vitamins and nutrients, water doesnt have, but I also get worried about the amount of sugar he's consuming.

So I was just curious, do your kids drink water? Do they like it?
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Yes. My youngest (15 months old) has had ONLY breastmilk and water (and juice when he's swiped Alexander's without me noticing) to drink.

My oldest (3 years old) didn't have juice or milk (rice milk because he's allergic to milk) until he was closer to 2. Water is the best thing for them after breastmilk, in my opinion.
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Breastmilk and water. Juice is not an option in our home. Once in a great while we have it, but look at it as a treat.

I used to nanny and the girl became addicted to juice. It's possible b/c of the high amount of sugar. We started watering it down...just a little at first but then so that it was almost all water. We didn't let her see us do it. Maybe you could try and do that to help make the transition.
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My kids mostly drink water with the occasional (once a week?) juice, soda or other sugary beverage. Two of mine drink milk but not more than one cup a day and sometimes none at all. It's really something you want to start as early as possible. The best way would be to stop offering juice except for maybe at one meal. When he is thirsty enough he will take the water. Maybe get him a special water cup, something he likes or helps pick out.
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I was lucky, my daughter was always a good water drinker.

Plus from the start I watered down her juice so she never knew the difference. If you aren't already doing that you can do it very slowly so he gets used to it. Add the water to the juice bottle, so when you take it out of the fridge he doesn't see you add the water.....

My daughter is older now (3 1/2) so she understands better now when I say what her choices are. If she's had enough juice, she knows it's milk or water.

The right water bottle helps too, if she gets to pick it out she's more likely to drink from it. Also she thinks it's a big deal to drink from a grownup bottle (sports bottle cap) I would let her do that supervised.

Good luck, I know it's frustrating when they don't want what is important for them to have!
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My dd will drink breast milk in a sippy only. It is becoming a problem. I want to stop EPing already! I can sometimes get her to drink cow milk, but she will NOT drink water or juice.
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Yes almost exclusively. They have juice or milk maybe once a week. Even 100% juice should be really limited.
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at 12 mos., DS refuses breast milk from any source other than the tap. He drinks water at daycare (lots compared to other children), and at home in his sippy with meals. He also loves Perrier (best from the green bottle, but will also drink it in his sippy) :
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Yes, tons. They both get a cup of watered down juice in the morning, then its milk (or rice milk for my youngest) with meals and water the rest of the time. We've watered down juice from the beginning and limit it so they don't know any different.
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I have a 7 year old and a 12 year old, and they both were breastfed, and when that ended we went straight to water.

We do juice as a treat- it's not a beverage here. If you're thirsty you need water, that's how it works here.
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My daughter only seems interested in water. She occasionally has juice at someone else's house, but doesn't care for it much, and when I've had it here she hasn't wanted it. So we just stick with water.
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my 2 year old son has only water and breastmilk.. sometimes a fermented drink called bionade, shared with me..
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When my kids were infants, I gave them sips of water from my glass (with help of course!) When solids were introduced, they had a cup of water on the high chair tray. When we're out and about, I always have a water bottle with me and share it with the baby as needed (now I sometimes share with my big kids and sometimes pack extras for them.)

Juice was always an occasional treat- the only one who got it as an infant was DS, and then it was almost always watered down, and never more than 4oz per day (often only 1oz or 2oz per day). If he got a 4oz bottle of undiluted juice, that was IT for the day- only breastmilk or water was offered later!

I never let my kids get into the "juice habit" and every single one of them enjoys plain water. It's much harder to change habits once they've been developed, but it still can be done. How old is your son and just how much juice is he drinking per day? I'd have different advice if he's 15mo or if he's 3yo.
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Yep - dd had breastmilk and then milk and water. She's never had juice. She will soon I'm sure (don't know how long I can hold off other people), but it will be watered down and considered a treat. I do think real fruit juice is better than pop and such, but if she wants fruit she can eat an orange/apple, and if she's thirsty she can have water or milk. That's our house, anyway!
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Lots and lots of water. They also have the occasional soda and very rarely juice. They never had juice as babies. Better to have water and fruit. And they know that water quenches thirst and will often refuse anything else when they are really thirsty.
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My son has a few cups of rice milk a day, and everyone gets 1 glass of juice (maybe 1/3c measurement cup) a couple days a week. Other than that they drink water. They are 13, 12, 10.5 and 2.5. My LO is only gets breastmilk because she is 6 months old.
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Oh yeah, my dd does occasionally have soda. I didn't think of that because it doesn't come up often. Sometimes when we go out to eat, she'll ask for soda, and it isn't something she gets often enough to cause health problems so we generally let her have it the few times she asks.
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My DS is 6 he has a cup or two of rice milk with meals but he usually heads for the water filter all day long. Juice isn't exactly a treat but a few times a week thing. We get unsweetened juices and don't have an issue with him drinking it because it's near impossible to get 5 - 6 freggie servings a day with our schedules.
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My ds mostly drank water. He would only want juice if he was hungry. And I gave it to him whenever he wanted. I just made sure it was organic since it was apple juice and apples are one of the most pesticide contaminated fruits. Ds was never much of an eater so I was happy with any step away from being exclusively breastfed, lol. He noticed if I watered it down beyond 1/8 water. He also noticed if the water wasn't filtered. If the water was funny tasting (tap water), he wouldn't drink it. Maybe ice would make water more interesting, crush it or put it in a lidded sippy if choking is a concern.
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My DD only drinks breastmilk and water. Occasional fennel tea or other natural tea. She has never had juice and will never for as long as I can help it. She is intollerant to dairy so will not be drinking milk anytime soon.
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