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Were you vaccinated when you were little?

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I was not, nor were my sisters, so that is sort of the default position I come to the table with when it comes to vaccinating kids. Not vaccinating, delaying, or selectively vaccinating is a bit of a new concept to my husband, so it's interesting to me to see how other people have come to have this perspective. To me, it's always been very normal *not* to vaccinate, and his apprehensions (which I do believe he is overcoming) toward it are difficult to comprehend. Anyone else here in this position or coming from my perspective?
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I would be coming more from your hubby's perspective, as a child I was always vaxed, loaded up with antibiotics, stuff like that. In my house vaccinations were just a normal thing, never questioned, because the doctors said it was the right thing to do. When I first had DD, I went right along with that line of thinking, but now I have seen the light:

No more vaxes for her!
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I was vaxed as a child. And I did get at least one of the VPDs I was vaxed for (whooping cough). That said, I also got the "normal" childhood diseases of chicken pox, mumps, etc. and I made it through them just fine.

I recall also getting the rubella booster at age 12. I don't recall any boosters since then and none as an adult, nor flu shots.

I come from the perspective that for some of the vaxes I had, I question their efficacy (like the pertussis one), so why bother getting vaxed if I'm going to get the illness anyway, and as for the other stuff (like mumps, chicken pox etc.), I made it through just fine, so my children should too. And they eat a heck of a lot better than I did. I was brought up on processed food and LOTS of sugar.
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I know I got a booster right before middle school, but I dont know about the early stuff. Dh was never vaxed...and it's the default for him as well.

I've gone through my stages, at first I was fine, then we had children and I freaked, then my oldest two had severe reactions to the vaccines, and so we stopped again and I realized my husband is right.
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Originally Posted by mama2peyton View Post
I would be coming more from your hubby's perspective, as a child I was always vaxed, loaded up with antibiotics, stuff like that. In my house vaccinations were just a normal thing, never questioned, because the doctors said it was the right thing to do. When I first had DD, I went right along with that line of thinking, but now I have seen the light:

No more vaxes for her!
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We were always vaxed. If the dr said "It's time for such-and-such" my mom just said "Okay". I don't think she would have questioned it if he'd said "It's time to get them tattoos".

Things are different now though. My mom and dad have BOTH had some health problems their drs couldn't/wouldn't diagnose or help them through. My mom went through a heck of a time even finding a dr who would take her seriously. So now they understand why I would question something a dr tells me. They don't support my vax decision though. But they don't bring it up because like I said ... they understand why I started questioning it.

If I'd had a baby 5 years ago though, they would not be happy about it!
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I'm on the other side of the fence. I was fully vaccinated until age 18 (but the 1980 schedule is much more lax than today). I have many "issues" including skin disorders, allergies, bad teeth, bad eye sight (which I know can be genetic but I'm just throwing it out there with my problems), polyps and runny nose, very sick as a child and has tonsils removed and bipolar depression.
My husband had a reaction to the DTP shot and MMR at 12 months. We have his medical records (his parents saved them) and it shows in there multiple reactions! However, he still got his full round too. He and his brother BOTH have adhd, arthritis (yes in their 20's), bad eye sight, and my DH lost more than half of his body weight after his MMR shot. He also developed an immediate and permenant nasal congestion and runny nose as well as eczema. BIL has bad allergies, bipolar depression on top of what else was mentioned.

When we first had our son, we were ALL for vaccinating him until I question the hep b vax.. I knew he wasn' tin danger from it so I refused and it went from there. The more research I did, the more I could link back to some things. When I presented this to DH, he jumped right aboard. We haven't looked back since. So far, DS is healthy and growing fine, no allergies noted yet and meeting and exceeding all milestones. DH is actually more anti vax than I am and it started out the other way around because that is what is "normal" and "common" to do. I am a leader and not a follower and I question everything, not just vaccines. I made my decision and did my research as I would have done in any situation and I am more than confident in our choice.

**I wanted to add, I know this girl (thru our parents) who had a full term son 3 weeks after my DS was born. This kid has had multiple ear infections, the flu, pertussis, and many other rashes in the first year of his life. He is also speech delayed and is getting therapy for speech and his motor skills. He is fully vaccinated. It could just be other enviromental factors at hand but I am doubtful.
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I was vaccinated as a child and had no reactions as far as I know. I am going to be very selective if I do decide to vaccinate my child. It seems like more and more today parents are deciding not to vaccinate due to all the effects that it has on children.
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I was fully vaxed as a child as well. That's also the time when they used to give shots at school!! I remember having a terrible reaction. Can't remember which shot is was, but the memory is vivid!:

I'm also one who questions everything and always been sort of a non-conformist. While preg with DS I just started researching. Then found my midwife and never looked back! Neither DS or DD have had a single vax!

It also helps IMO that my DH is from Europe. Most Europeans have such a different perspective on vaxes and childbirth in general. The support of family in these areas has been crucial for us.
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I was vaxed by the 1980's schedule excluding the DP in the DPT. My mom did not want to give us any vax but felt she had to because of crappy doc's. She took a stand and said ABSOLUTLEY no DP no matter what! Im so proud of her for taking a stand way back when, when it wasn’t so easy! : My cousin died before I was born at the age of 3 months 5 hours after having his DPT shot. My mom was there and witnessed him screaming and screaming and screaming only to finally lay down and sleep only to pass away about half an hour latter I'd have to say that is how she made her choice. This story effected me as a teen and I knew then when I had kids I would never vax them at all.
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I was vaxed much to my grandmother's dismay (if she even knew about it.) I was actually given some vaccines more than required because my mother kept poor records and often we would go to free clinics because we had low income. I have had very poor health--even bedridden with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for two years in my early twenties. I think I would be a lot healthier (certainly my immune system would work better) if I hadn't been vaxed. I got over CFS because of natural alternative treatments, and getting off the drugs MDs had prescribed. I ended up becoming a chiropractor because of the whole ordeal.

My grandmother was a chiropractor and against vaccinating. My father, my uncle, and their cousin weren't vaxed as children. My father and cousin had to have vaccines to join the service when they were 18 yrs old. All three of these men are healthy adults. My father is more healthy than he should be. He is very obese and yet has fewer health problems than most his age. His only issues really are with getting around because he weighs so much/is very large.
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i was fully vaxed (just found my records the other day) and have had no rxns. my brother had a rxn to the DTP and wasn't given any more of those.

after years of working in the veterinary field my mom fully supports my decision to really selectively vax my dd(maybe MMR at 12) because of all the rxns she has seen among animals. my ds is mostly vaxed (delayed) because i did some research but i was not quite as thorough as with my dd.

she also selectively vaxes her pets for things that they might actually be exposed to and skips most of the boosters.
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I was vaccinated, though I reacted to the DTP - i think - and had to get half-doses. DH was fully vaxed. Both of our families (with the exception of my sister and BIL, who are expecting their first and are strongly considering not vaxing ) have a hard time with our decision not to vaccinate our children.
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I was fully vaxed as a child. I also had an MMR booster at age 19 when I traveled abroad (before I new better) and the Hep B series in my early 20's when I worked in a health care setting. As a kid I was not the healthiest. Had recurrent ear infections, ashtma, bronchitis. had my tonsils out at age 17Also had CP at age 17 (gee and Im still here). I had to have knee surgery in my early 20's and I am convinced this is because of the Hep B series. I never played sports or had any reason to have any type of knee problems. My DS is unvaxed. I had done a ton a research before I had my son and always knew we wouldnt vax.
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I was vaccinated as a child. I grew up in foster care, I had to be vaccinated.
I also had everything else coming to me when I joined the army.
Tbh - vaccines were not something I really gave much thought about until I had my DS!

DH was not vaccinated. Simply because of when he was born, etc. It something he really has not thought about though either! lol
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I was fully vaxed as a kid, and ff'd to boot! Between those and how filthy my house was (including massive amounts of cig smoke), I am surprised as to how healthy I am today. But I can't attribute any one thing to vax--I just know I am doing the best I can for my LO to not repeat the mistakes of my parents.
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I have always been UTD on vaxes, so has my husband.I began to question whether these were safe & necessary, my DH, wasn't with me at that point. He changed his mind as really dug for truth. Once you know the facts, You can't go through with shooting this crap into your precious children.
The best thing for you to do, is show him the facts, The inserts that come w/ the vax. are very effective, b/c its coming straight from the makers.
After you check out whats in these shots, see the other stuff on this site, it's really good, I think. It breaks it down, in easy to understand lang. Why the don't work, what the risks are,And what all the fancy big words (like 2-phenoxyethanol=antifreeze)....A very popular ingredient in our vax.
Not to mention they call aborted fetus tissue,WI-38 and MRC5 ....they have all kinds of fancy names for toxic stuff!!!
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I was vaxed. I have 5 brothers and only some of them have been vaxed. My mom saw the light and stopped vaxing. I really didn't know much about it till I was 17 and got a tetnus shot. Shortly after my hair fell out. You can imagine a 17 year old girl who was balding and the shock that was. I was in college at the time so I did my own research and low and behold a not so well known side effect is hair loss. Well that opened my eyes.

Dh was fully vaxed and his family worships drs. He started to go against the grain before we were married though. He still had issues with vaxes. I tried to educate him but left it alone after awhile. In the end he started to form his own opinions on vaxes and did his own research.
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I was fully vaxed as a kid. Horrible ear infections, mutliple times a year that required tubes when I was 2 (didn't help), strep throat every year, mono when I was 12, I was a very sick kid. I remember when I was 13 and got a hep B shot and I told my mom that something didn't feel right about getting shots and I didn't want anymore and she said "okay". That was my last shot. My twins are completely vax free. Instinct told me when I was kid that they were not good and I felt it even stronger when my twins were born.

My dh is partially vaxed, he had a bad reaction to his DTP shot so he only got 1 of those but he was vaxed fully for the others. We are both on the same page as far as vaccines goes for our family.
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I was fully vaccinated, and my oldest son was fully vaccinated until 18 mos or so. I kind of happened across non-vaxing because it just didn't feel right.
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